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A 23 glad you're here tonight. Sibley hospital has agreed to pay the federal government $5 million to resolve accusations from claims that simply turned over to the Medicare program. The Justice Department says the law bans hospitals from billing Medicare for certain services referred by doctors who have a financial relationship with the hospitals. Well, from 2008 to 2011, prosecutors say simply violated the law by billing Medicare for services referred by ten cardiologists being paid by sibley. The Justice Department reports the error was self reported by shibley hospital Colon cancer is something we don't usually associate with younger people, but we may start doing that quite frequently. I was 25. And I started experiencing symptoms. When venora Hawkins of Alexandria first went to the doctors they couldn't figure it out. They thought it was my appendix. By the time they realized it was colorectal cancer, it was stage four. After 13 months of chemo and surgeries, she was able to beat it. But it could have been caught and treated earlier if doctors would have just done a simple screening. Because I was only 25, they never thought to give me a colonoscopy. According to the American Cancer Society, 20% of colorectal cancer diagnoses in 2019 were patients under 55, double what it was just a few decades ago. Michelle Morello, WTO news. Students in Arlington will soon be able to carry naloxone at school. It's part of the county's response to a rise in youth overdoses there and comes after the FDA approved Narcan as an over the counter medication. School leaders are working to create a parent consent form to make sure students who carry it will be trained and follow proper safety protocols. Sports at 25 and 55 powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. A 25, let's go to rob wood fork. All right, we start with the NBA playoffs game two of the first round series in Philadelphia now, not really going to 76ers way early here. The Brooklyn Nets in front 40 to 35 as we're pretty deep into the second quarter and so far, James Harden not looking so good. Ford turnovers. That's twice as many points as he scored so far. Cameron Johnston, leading the nets with 18 points, the two Stanley Cup playoff game ones underway in Boston, the bruins leading the Panthers one nothing is that one approach is first intermission. The other game in progress has Carolina leading the New York islanders two to one in the second period. The Philadelphia Eagles have agreed to terms with quarterback Jalen hurts on a historic contract extension, the 5 year $255 million deal includes more than 179 million in guaranteed money. It is the largest contract in NFL history in terms of average annual value and third most in terms of guaranteed money. The Washington commanders sign in there restricted free agent pro bowler Jeremy Reeves to his tender worth 2.6 million for the upcoming season that brings back a core special teamer and one of the more popular players on the team. Back to the NBA, the Milwaukee Bucks breathing sigh of relief as Yana Santa Takuma is MRI on his injured back came back clean. So his status for game two Wednesday night remains up in the air, coach Mike budenholzer said today that they will continue to monitor him and his status. Rob woodwork WTO sports. Okay, rob, still ahead on WTO. The new week's forecast and no criminal charges for a former area police officer who shot and killed an unarmed man earlier this year outside the region's most popular shopping mall. Stay with us. After considering applicants from black owned

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