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Means CBS news radio a ninety second Academy Awards were all about historic moments in tackling the controversy the south Korean thriller parasite was a big upset becoming the first non English language film to win the Oscar for Best Picture wow it also scooped up three other awards in the night including Best Director it was a surprising ending after all for acting front runners won their statues as expected Hollywood's big night was also punctuated by politics Entertainment Tonight host Kevin Frazier was there and joins us from ET set in LA Kevin where the stars aligned and their message last night all they were editing and you know if there was a theme to the night it was about diversity and inclusion or the lack there of the academy had taken some criticism this year about a lack of minority and female nominee so as it looked at Hollywood's best it also seem to be taking a hard look at itself the Academy Awards began with a call for diversity from singer Janelle Monet backed by African American dancers including some dressed as characters from smoke filled it's an issue highlighted by Steve Martin Chris rock as well back in nineteen twenty nine there were no black acting nominees in two thousand twenty eight we got one that number need is simply your results all women are super heroes the inclusion of women also took center stage actress Natalie Portman war Kate bordered with the names of female directors many felt were overlooked among the all male nominees including hustlers Lorene Scafaria end the farewells Lulu weighing thank you all for this is a sentiment echoed by Laura Dern winner of best supporting actress for marriage story backstage she gave a shout out to the overlook director of little women if I did ask her to grab a girl I would do it right now add to red he won best Supporting Actor once upon a time in Hollywood he got political onstage alluding to president trump the trial it took me only have forty five seconds of peer which is forty five seconds more than the Senate gave John Bolton this week we're talking of the fight against injustice and Joaquin Phoenix won Best Actor for joker spoke in defense of all those were oppressed by back tears as he quoted his early brother after river Phoenix the server runs to the rescue with love and peace will follow thank you Paris but history is likely to remember last night's Oscars as the first time in nine English language still took the top honors Harris I won four awards including Best Picture Best Director for ballers June whole history but I never intended that we just made a movie now parasites other two Oscars were major ones as well best original screenplay it is a great story and best international feature film it has many expected Renee Zellweger won Best Actress for her portrayal of Judy Garland in Judy you will hear what she had to say backstage coming up in our next hour Gail okay let's talk about Paris I've for just a second I saw the movie not I was a little hesitant because I really don't like looking at movies with subtitles but it was so good that you forget that you're reading yes don't you think it was going reading will be stuck with me as much as that that this year but I'm wondering about the reaction the dog in the room because it seemed they got a lot of love from the audience and I was so glad to see that a lot of people love the movie because a lot of people in the cat we saw the movie you know this movie has grossed a little over thirty million dollars which is a drop in the bucket when you compare it to movies like the joker even nineteen seventeen but it is a great story and this story will be adapted by HBO to Americanized so you will see a very very soon in a venue where you don't have to read some time representing the American but it was so good news on the hour hi Pam Coulter democratic presidential contenders are making a last minute push for votes on the eve of the New Hampshire primary the latest CBS news battleground tracker has Bernie Sanders at the top followed by Pete booted judge Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden with one candidate coming on strong we are now number three in this she calls it slow mental a pair of new polls show was surge for Minnesota senator any clover Shari New Hampshire pushing her past Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden I don't have the biggest bank account in this race I I didn't have the biggest name ID going into this but what I have is correct still clipper shores far behind Vermont senator Bernie Sanders in P. due to judge and is barely polling in the next nominating contest in Nevada Steve Dorsey CBS news Manchester it took more than a year searching thirty four servers in twenty countries to find the suspects and now for members of the Chinese military are charged with stealing a huge amount of personal data from Equifax in twenty seventeen Attorney General William Barr the scale of the theft was staggering as alleged in the indictment the hackers obtained the names birthdates and social security numbers of nearly a hundred and.

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