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TVN. An exhaustive investigation is finally lead to the arrest of four people in connection to the murders of eight family members in pike county from April of two thousand sixteen Ohio attorney general and governor like Mike dewine says members of the Wagner family planned out the killings at four different locations. All in one night. We have followed more than eleven hundred tips from the public. We conducted. Five hundred fifty interviews serve more than two hundred subpoenas. Search warrants in court orders and tested more than seven hundred items of evidence arrest over forty seven year old George Billy Wagner, the third forty eight year old Angela Wagner Twenty-seven-year-old, George Wagner. The fourth and twenty six year old Edward Jake Wagner to others were also arrested for their role in helping cover up the murders. The arrests are a great weight off the shoulders of pike county sheriff Charles reader. No one no one. Dark of the night for cowards to come in while sleeping in execute them in a way, that would be unbelievable. Raider had only been sheriff less than a year when the murders occur. Prosecutors do plan to seek the death penalty against the murder suspects nationwide insurance confirming it will be eliminating around eleven hundred jobs next year, including some three hundred fifty in central Ohio company said it's making targeted changes to its marketing PNC operations Bank organization's IT department nationwide. Currently employs nearly thirty four thousand employees and said the workforce reductions expected to happen in the first quarter of next year conservative commentator. Ben Shapiro is at the state house Tuesday testifying in favor of proposed state law that deals with free speech on college campuses. It seems like a pretty measured Bill in terms of its language. I don't think that it's designed to let the KKK roam around.

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