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Slowdown. If you get a chance. It's vulgar. But it's good Cedric, the comedian Cedric Danner -tainer live in Nashville if you get a chance, it's on Netflix. Now, if you get a chance to watch that. Boba voguish coach, comma bubbalicious. Militias? No, he said, call me by my initials, I spent the whole week calling him bo-bo Alicia. And there's some other good stuff to you. But that's my comedic recommendation. For the day is Cedric the entertainer. Live in Nashville live in the village. Believe it's called on Netflix. Good. Paula deen. The poverty he starts talking out when he gets old. As we got to the Paula Deen. And I should have mentioned a doer sports guests who was here yesterday in Browns. Kit. You mean that raiders fan? Spillers fan. Really? Well, he coached hit the little team that was the raiders and he's a Steelers fan, but Wisey include because where's he gone? He fall off the face of the earth. So let's let's ride. Baker Mayfield snoop Dogg get off my field. Hey, you know, why? Because Snoop Doggy Dogg pound ha. I'm.

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