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I mean that team could still stop you in june area may whatever win when things matter uh so i so i look at it now they need help on the bench you know you got marcus smart shooting 26 percent i know i know scowling everybody he does great things he is the way that he's not your name six percent out of town sap shooting yeah you see need to get scoring from any good free throw shooter this year he's in the '70s so that it alive drive the lane gotta get foul and go to the free throw line stopped chalking up three i know i know and then you have terrors ear who shooting like 33 percent and that's where you're feeling the hayward thing because if you had at a jason tatum or something is put he could be anchor your second unit as crazies that sounds her nineteen year now you need him scoring in crunch time you know he's one of the guys uh you don't have of kyrenia of jaylen brown the fact that you're relying on today late round and jason tatum to carry so much of the scoring load that scares me a little bit because they're going to go through some sort of young person slumped yes exactly i mean they're going to hit thou shalt specially tatum you know tatum although laid what twenty nine games last year at college he's going to be i realized that in a month did you started into did you see the brian rob piece that he did earlier this week for boston sports journal where he talked about the in it's really sort of an under reported story but it's stuck out to me is as another notch and brad stevens fell just the ways them managed a minutes of his starters he has some two n i think sometimes when he goes to his bench that's where this team gets in a hole yep you know he sits kyw re tatum brown uh horford said some all the same time any rolls out you know marcus morris yet rare rosier type of wine up and then your team falls behind but what i think i think were art is what he's doing is making sure that may be that wall is national brutal for for jaylen brown and for jason tatum uh uh.

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