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Deeper into this was crazy about that kind of thing is is basically a recorded <hes> segment of what a typical conversation is around the card table the cabin and it makes no sense. It's completely illiterate mostly. You can't read and <hes> <hes> so. Here's your teaser for the excitement. It's terrible and i'm not even sure if you were a part of the one that we have to think because i don't i don't you said that i initially that i was <hes> part of it but i don't remember reading it but then you brought up a couple of other things from that weekend that you said i i. It was part of your part of it because we can't read your the part that you were old. No my handwriting is terrible. I apologize for it when i when i write a card like a thank you card or something i was put p._s. Sorry for my handwriting in capital so it's like more likely though which cause then that begs the question. Why don't you just write the rest of it and capital well because it was it would take too long. It's like chicken scratch but if the chicken was drunk yeah well it was ah i think one of the cool sense of them went down towards the river and all of us walk walk that whole crest back that was week over we don't drinking drinking and hunting is that when that picture sure was taken on someone else's property well. There's no signs posted. It all kind of melts siga ziegler four hundred acres. We figured there's no boundaries. I walk in that far four hundred acres to that's a that's a good chunk of chunk the land there. I got a couple of favorite questions. <hes> in all this all this rifle through them are on the table so you guys can can answer them one by one <hes>. What's your favorite gun. You like to hunt with and we'll go with nate. I what kind of hunting we talking about. The small game kinda do up at the hunt club small game. It used to be a <hes>. I have a twelve gauge <music>. All loader holds five rounds semi automatic but that's more for i found that's more for water followed. It gets heavier shit when you're climbing through cedar swamp and all that bullshit cranberry bogs so now i have a twenty gauge single shot which is much lighter and i definitely prefer that for carrying around taking the <hes> one off chance shot at a grouse or squirrel or whatever you might come across us that would be mine or for the typical hunting up there that we do much. I love my. It's my grandpa's sixteen sixteen gauge pump action that half the time doesn't so at least i can use as an excuse when i can only hit grouse on the ground around but they taste better that way at least but honestly my favorite gun is a single action twenty gauge short barrel they can hit more than a lot of people can tie into my next question eight seventy borrowed gun. They will love to want some money off of br probably my over under twenty two twenty gauge. Actually i haven't taken that took my dear with it. Though the cool all gone i got from my uncle where what i love most about brett's over under twenty. Two twenty gauge is a sometimes he forgets what setting it's on a special handling shoot a deer with it. I didn't mean to bring that god actually uh-huh when you shoot in the dick it works with the twenty two but when he's aiming at something small and he thinks it's on the twenty two setting and you can tell when he's not expecting 'cause i twenty gauge ago off lynn bash shoulder it sure is soft but on it doesn't it's nice gun though it's got a little drawing of a fox on one side and a grouse it's pretty thoughts on my own some real soft subtle. What's yeah. They're real handy when you're shooting a lot off once some nuts that almost ryan <music> you're about the brings up yes so <hes> last time we win. Alec look brought a forty five revolver handgun that would shoot <hes> forty five long colt and <hes> we decided to get tannery right yep and you set this thing out and you shoot it and it explodes votes so that was the whole plan. That's the purpose of this tanner is dead so before that we take it out on the gun range we set it on a log and you mean we're actually taking videos. He was dark too. It wasn't it was well it was dr but you can't really use no headlights on and everything else and and all these is just it looks like a goddamn <hes> normandy beach invasion looking brett shooting at this tanner right right on this law just blasts in the hell out of it never went off. We find out later you need high-powered rifles to set off the tannery yeah forty five handguns but you know it was fun action tank with two seventy. That was borderline pretty dangerous. Alec didn't tell us when he was going to shoot well. No it's better office surprise for everybody tank in half and threw it about a half mile couldn't find it that was probably we came. We we went up there with six people and came back with five. We can't remember the well speaking of the last time you came up with. Wes class. I remember when when you came up we had those two other guys that were part of the hunt club temporarily league. They didn't last much longer yeah and because they were we were like avoiding the whole time like both groups groups like trying to well. I think they were trying to include us because the story i have <hes> there was that <hes> gem sauce and some guy us with they shot to show or whatever and <hes> they were sitting over at the table. It was nighttime and we were playing cards at the kitchen table at the other one and they were playing like i dunno clues the priesthood addition i don't know like <unk> father johnson and the confession booth with the you know and they were like hey alex. You're just sitting there. We need other play. You wanna join and you. You look at them familiar like i think i'm just that i don't <hes>. I don't remember that. I don't know <hes> i can't remember those guys but <hes> but i mean that was nice of them to do that and if they're listening now i didn't mean anything by i just wanted to sit. Walk up there listening yeah. That's hilarious. Did i say something effective like like <hes> sorry i gotta. I gotta sit on the couch right now or something like that. No you were literally just sitting at the table. Watch the display doing nothing alex. You want to join and you're like no ah. I probably just didn't feel like learning the game because it was like there's always that awkward type only guy who doesn't know how to play you know and it's funny because you guys have taught me how to play euchre like twelve times and <hes> but there's always that that first couple of rounds where you're the baby you gotta keep getting to know you. Gotta play the card this way. You can't do and i was just like. I don't feel like fucking going through that right now guys. That probably wasn't worth learning the person my my next question. What's your favorite kill that you've had. What's the favorite animal that you've gotten up there. Specifically would stir our. It's probably harder to kill a deer that usually by the time you hear it. It's gone we. Do you ever have one flush by you know. They're they scare the hell out of you. Make a loud annoys and they fly away. You gotta shoot it while it's flying a lot of people hunt with dogs for to flushing yeah well what happens i mean tells the the account think alec was on the shooter and i think it was the last day aw yeah we were walking down. I was walking down to track and i shot it like i do a lot. Normally i mess but <hes> so you just saw was no at that point shot at about a hundred the first time is the charm now. I've only gotten two grouse that are tough but did you eat it. Do you eat the gro yeah author. It's like chicken more lean and their diets nuts acorns so pretty tasty actually in that next year elliott got his first one at the club. I think on the ground it wasn't flying or anything yeah yeah. What's your what's your favorite on. My was my idea which <hes> which was a total joke on my end yeah i was. I was no joke. I was sitting in this guy's blind who had passed away about the year before and got out there late in the morning sat out for probably about forty forty minutes. Let's say you're at smoke. My cigarette could hear dear coming up on me so then i was still lit cigarette older coverage right down into like my boot then i saw big eight point point raised my rifle want to shoot it and went click because i saw the safety on. Actually it wasn't even that. I didn't even know load in the chamber so then i re racked. I'm pissing my pants during this whole thing where he racked shoot my dear so i guess that about twelve years of waiting for a deer out okay. Why did you go out so late that morning. <hes> i can't remember actually it wasn't because they anything crazy. It wasn't like that we'd went out to the great italian restaurant that was down the road from us about thirty miles or that <hes> so is fine meatballs. They do have great spaghetti caddie meatballs but he had a couple of years. There's a layer of conversation going on there that i'm walking around during that whole period there was <hes> it was weird because i've hunted up there for a lot of years and never saw any deer or if i did it was only dose or like maybe a buck way off in the distance but that that one hung around long enough for me fix my faulk up and and that's the one that <hes> isn't your basement now right. Is that the head your basement. When was is that how long ago twenty fifteen two thousand fourteen five years ago okay nate. What's your favorite. Fourteen doesn't kill me yeah. I'm not sure ever shot in there to be honest with. You shot other stuff yeah yeah. I mean my probably be up there. It was my first year. Show probably the year before. Alex is a- splitting that out there but yeah that was probably my favorite other than that. I don't go pheasant hunting which was fun when i was younger but <hes> on that maybe maybe a squirrel who would probably that'd be my first dear. I don't think i ever actually shot anything other than like a porcupine. Basically a couple of things not audible. You might hear about porcupine story. Robert lie went out hunting with me when with me and my dad when we were like thirteen years old albanian guy and we're walking along i'm on the laughed robson the you know middle my dad's on his right and and we hear activity up in a tree and like it's it's right in front of us like thirty foot away way and all of a sudden. I see robert. Take his gun up. You know it was a semiautomatic because bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang. He'd like without like nine shots. We're squirrel..

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