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When the message still remains the same people. It's just that people's viewpoint has changed. With the killing of George, Floyd barbaric, and just how brutal and just how wrong that entire situation was it seems to have really flipped the entire thing on its head, and now open people's eyes in a way they Colin Kaepernick was trying to open people's eyes to police brutality three four years ago, so I think again now it feels as though everyone has a sense of confidence that there's not going that. It's going to be something that people are going to support much more than people did in the past, which quite honestly is rather stunning I. It's amazing that again. Something that has been happening in this country. This is something that's not new. This is not just start with. The events of a couple of weeks ago, this is something that has happened for hundreds of years, but now all of a sudden it seems as though there's this tremendous groundswell and a comfort, if you will for people to go ahead and speak their mind, and really get behind the cause that people have been trying to rally support for for years and years and years dating back to the sixties in particular. When you're talking about my lifetime, so I think again. It's going to be more about what players don't think what players do Neil and I think Adrian Peterson is right now. He's preparing you for that. And, really Louis just a massive shift when you think about it in the span of about forty eight to seventy two hours last week you had drew brees on Wednesday, answering a question about potential player protests by saying I'll never agree with anyone disrespecting the flag, and then by Friday night he was tweeting directly at the president of the United. States to tell him. The protests aren't about the flag and never were an incredible shift in the public. Comments of one of the most prominent players in the league, and it shows you that span of the last couple of weeks the point of view that was articulated by the players in that video that was being articulated by breeze on Friday night after a couple of days of of apologizing has sort of become the NFL's mainstream position when you look two three years ago, it probably was the other way, even if people understood why players were protesting, you had many many players coming out and saying well I would never do that even though I understand why they are, and you had players saying you know even even more critical things than that so. The fact that there aren't any games right now. The fact that the Games are three months away. I think that makes the situation very very interesting. Because obviously things can change over time, but it does feel like we're at a very different moment in history than we were two three years ago. Rob You've spoken on this show actually before about this sanctuary that is an NFL locker room, and people from so many different backgrounds coming together for a common goal so in that in that vein. What's the most important thing that can happen in locker rooms right now when people are back together? Everyone has to listen to open their ears and listen. I had the. Privilege of having a discussion with one of my best friends in Roman, Harper, an emotional discussion for over an hour and he told me Look Rob. Everyone needs to listen. Everyone needs to love and everyone needs to support so, and it's not just in the building, and this is one thing I want to make clear. It's not just when you're in the locker room. We have to do better. We have to listen we to love more. We have to support inside the building, and then when you have that team in that foundation outside of the building as well and doing things in the community to create change that help the community progress forward. So for me the current situation I feel number one is listening, and I think even trey flowers had an instagram post which I watched and I thought it was very interesting. He said the same thing. Listen Open your ears and. Absorb it. Don't just let it go in one ear, and out the other I. Want everyone to listen absorb that information continue to progress and support support support support. I think that's what the current environment is right now in the locker room. Lowest. Rob's referring to right there is that you know what your world? The world is just really confined to your world. There's a world outside of the things that just directly affect you. And sometimes the locker room is one world right so in that world more times than not it's one that has a player that come from all different socio economic backgrounds, all different races, different religions, but you really united you know to try and achieve a common goal, which is the win football games, and that's something that all were played sports. Have all been. You know we've all been subject to at some point. Point in time in our life and we understand that it's when Malcolm Johnson about them Jenkins when he was. You know we had that emotional instagram post responding the drew brees was representing. He said look. What's I. Leave here and I leave this facility. Get in my car. Then what does all that brotherhood and all the unity and all that together? This that you talk about in the locker rooms that just disappear. No, it doesn't disappear for me doesn't disappear for people. My community doesn't disappear for African Americans like myself are realities then changed. You care then, does it? Do you care once we? We become non what's we're not in the locker room? We don't have on the saints uniform anymore and I think that's that's what Rob's referring to listening in the locker room is one thing 'cause inherently guys do that? It's once they go their separate ways, and I think as a country as a nation. That's what we're talking about. Now you know look outside your own little bubble just because it doesn't affect you. Does it mean you shouldn't have some empathy and some care for what is going on around you? But you know he'll be human beings more times than not I think in history. History has shown. This are really just concerned about what's good for them. As long as it's good for me and I'm good. I don't really give a damn about what's what's good for everyone else or what's happening? Everyone else and I think the situation surrounding this pandemic people being home, everybody's routine, being thrown off and everyone. Not Having a whole lot to do has forced them to take take a look at this issue in a way that it's never been looked at before and that maybe something that some good that comes out of this time period. That is unprecedented for all of us. Louis Thank you rob Dan. Thank you certainly not the last development in this story, and will continue to talk about it here and continue of course to listen as well. GEICO has the insurance industry leading up and let you manage your policy anytime anywhere, which means that Geico is always there for you. If only everyone was always there for you like animal control when you're cornered in your garage by an angry possum. You guys said you would be here about Origo, and I think the positive is starting to get angry I listened I thought if I felt it would go away, but now it is ripping holes in the drywall and making some sort of nest just coming back. Always for you with savings and the industry leading mobile APP We continue with this a tweet from Mike. Well, our colts reporter the report date for training camp for the Indianapolis. Colts tentatively in all caps scheduled for July twenty eighth. Of course, this is still a fluid situation, and we understand that, but Dan I will ask you about some of the reopening protocols now for players and the plan for teams as they began to open up. The! NFL sent a memo to teams yesterday that outlined detailed procedures for opening team facilities. Once players can be there presumably in training camp. I mean it's extensive and their whole sections on how equipment will be cleaned. How organize a team? Employees into different tiers tier? One will be players and people who need to have close contact with players, coaches and trainers, etc, tier two is is people who might be in contact with tier one employee, but don't necessarily need close contact with player. You have to wear masks in the facility. At all times. You'RE NOT GONNA. Be Able to cafeterias. They're going to have to be rearranged. There's no buffet style. Eating that'd be six feet between lockers, which is going to be really crazy. Come training camp training camp. I don't know if people know this. A lot of teams at lockers to their locker room and training camp, because to accommodate that ninety man offseason roster, so they're going to have to figure some things out and get creative at some of these team facilities to comply with these procedures. Rob Luck. It's just the world we're living. But how difficult of an unjust adjustment anticipate,.

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