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Com. He, he actually was the one that broke this mandala Rian scoop a few months back and you know, it turned out to be legit. How's it going? Jason, hey, rather me ended been trying to get you on for a year and Star Wars. I love. Eking out a nerdy out with you about Star Wars and your site has some of the best I inside info stuff that we can't even pokes like Seth photos and videos. So this news broke today. I wanna get your reaction. What? What? What are your thoughts on this new TV show in what we're learning about it? Well, a front, I was just like, oh, thank you for being about Mandal or because because that's what I had been hearing, and that's what I had reported. And then when I made it to the set, it wasn't Mandal or I don't think you know. So I was like, what is this. But, but anyways, but when Vava row put out the announcement on Instagram today, I was like, yes, because like even beyond all of that stuff, the Star Wars nerd or little boy in me, whatever. However, you wanna look at it, but like really, really excited. I was like, yeah, they have show called the Mandal Laurean like that's what I would call it. You know. Do you think they're going to call it Star Wars, the mandatory in, or do you think it's just gonna be called the Mendel orient? I don't know. It seems like like when it comes to animation like they won't use like a coal in or anything, they're like, no, no. Like Star Wars rebels like usually want them to sound like all extreme, and then they got rid of those episode titles on the movie episode, one, two, and three and all that. Yeah. So you know, who knows? But we are kind of in a place where I think it would be kind of interesting if they did try to lose the Star Wars logo all the time. That way things could kind of maybe breathe on their own at times because we all know it Star Wars gentleman told so I would be okay with that. That'd be cool. Okay. So what do you think of this concept which I know you've had time to sit with because you've run up? Yes, months ago and probably were sitting on it for bit. I remember talking to you Comecon and you're telling me about as like, publish it. So what do you think of this whole concept? Yeah, no, I, I love it. One of the things win. Clone wars was coming out like ten years ago now, which is crazy. I was sort of like, oh yeah, clone wars. We know about those battles. And then once they started moving into the mandatory and stuff, I was super excited by not because it was a bunch of vet people, but because it was like a part of the universe, we hadn't really done a lot with and then we're that left off, which I'm sure Bryan Young totally caught everyone up on. Yeah, it's it's, it's like, will what does happen to Mandal or like they were in the civil war? And then we see rebels and and you're like, it doesn't look too good there either looks like they're, you know, things aren't going. So swell necessarily for like what either side would want the the teen side that wants this peaceful Mandal or and then these death watch which Jon Favreau play the leader of. It's kind of it's such an interesting, like kind of like civil war element to it. So after the empire, like that's a fascinating time like the empire, the power vacuums gone..

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