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Skateboarders alfran yeah all day going to liquor games not kouba games lego game they hire sale near so quiet they bestowed near near lakers honor hi i'll tell you very lazy before the dog all right okay i i need somebody to lay out the rules to me i know i i let as you're interested bill i mean that create more than inter all miss this on on our yes every your think no i like liquids yeah give me the hydration situation over there now than now in part of it is because i was scared teenager jail you're out here i was i was scared of getting in trouble like the idea of getting caught with couple of beers didn't really scare me but the idea getting caught with we'd was buried in me that sounded like a big but now they way her truly no difference they really told you that that next was heroin look at hot on friday night and be shooting drugs me alirize saturday afternoon noor was sold to exactly but if you had a beer the you'll have a good time aid that's what i told you would beer so there any truth to the fact that you're off uh april 20th 420 i am trying to be here why not not route exact recently gaba you've ever tell you never know yeah we gotta find out why i am also a big believer in just you know opportunities presenting themselves in trying new thing arbane ever know those you find out this all good it is right it has to be more than ever i don't with that when his last time you heard seventy other than the fact that you get like bricks if it in the truckee map.

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