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Your way at four thirty i'm cathy walker koa newsradio 850 am and ninety four one fm it's into the flu is it's going to be good drive a lot overnight road work ramped up 'lamada rulli and expected so so 25 at one hundred forty four th moping slowing you down nothing dinner for with the drivers you west mild on scene 470 between quebec and university they've ramp data also six through lakewood is looking good thirty six between here in boulder you've got no problems you make the time on my 225 ice that with you cross town's greek shape in print you boulevard out to the airport there's nothing to interfere with the drive cbs 4 weather you can expect it to be variably cloudy do they some fog this morning high of sixty seven to nice little we about fifty two tomorrow expect a high near seventy five tomorrow night slow will be about fifty one with isolated thunderstorms currently it's sixty three i'm derailed on the traffic leader koa newsradio for what it's worth i'm cheri preston a hidden treasure a poland filled with clues to people dead and now a call for safety since the mexico millionaire forest fan wrote a poem seven years ago about the billions in jewels gold nuggets and where coins he said he had somewhere in the rockies the where warm water halt thousands of people have search for it many however getting lost and new mexico's chief of state police has said he says it's dangerous i want people to have fun and and and i want people to be adventurous but the reality is when you have two million dollars or so as its rumored to be at stake people may poor decisions people have actually died looking for the treasure one just last last week this week has said he's tried to get then to not just make the clues easier to kill the search altogether fence had no and again i call for you to to pull it occurred product trouble the treasure he says is still out there and so is the risk for what it's worth cheri preston abc news hi steffan tubbs join me this week at a four hour show dedicated to veterans and veteran issues hear the stories of those who have served and their lives after service it's the american veterans show tomorrow morning at six on koa news radio now more of this morning koa newsradio time is 406 these media networks this is america's first news this morning with.

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