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These out mixing no you to what i know for a fact that one of them this blew me away one of them was best cinematography oh okay so something i missed their as an eight year old in the aesthetic approach of war games to movies josh one got four oscar nominations one got two that i had never even heard of cross creek and rubin rubin nudity probably wouldn't have come up from listers now that i think about it but we would love to hear any picks or any comments you have about the top five films of 1983 jesty malice feedback at film spotting dot met masscre theaters next our selection this week among our most obscure unless you happen to live on my block in 1983 where this movie was very popular than it'll be time to strap on the vr headgear for our blind spot in review of video draw don't do and stay with us last week josh if you are one of those stone spotting listeners who is interested in helping out the show down the road when we had the next opportunity for a false butting production assistant the way you can apply for that job is through linked in jobs so if you are not currently on the platform we recommend that you get on it hiring is hard especially from job boards but there's a better place to find great talent and seventy percent of the us workforce is already there on linked in they are the world's largest professional network and linked in consider skills experiences location and more to match a promote your job to potential candidates businesses rate linked in jobs forty percent higher than other job boards at delivering quality candidates go to linked in dot com slash film for a fifty dollars credit toward your first job post that's leaked in dot com slash fell terms and conditions apply we also wanted to take a moment to thank some of our listeners who have been so generous to donate some of their hardearned money our way.

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