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Today's monday july temps happy birthday mr mayor former new york mayor david dinkins turns ninety news is next live from npr news in washington i'm dave mattingly president trump's eldest son donald trump jr says he met last summer with the russian attorney who claimed she had information that could be helpful to his father's presidential campaign npr's jeff taylor says the story was first reported by the new york times phony a new york times reported the gene 2016 meeting with a lawyer who has ties to the kremlin nondram junior confirmed that you mantra he was told she quote might have information helpful to the campaign the times reported the promise details were potentially damaging to hillary clinton trump's then campaign chairman paul manafort and his soninlaw and current white house senior adviser jared kushner also participated in meeting the younger trump said the russian lawyer provided no useful information and she eventually turned the subject where policy on russian adoption there are several ongoing investigations including one led by special counsel robert muller as to whether or not president trump's campaign colluded with the russians during the election jessica taylor npr news washington members of congress could back to work this week following the july fourth recess and pr smara liason says the senate will be focusing largely on a republican health care bill it doesn't seem like the republicans we are any closer to the fifty votes they need to pass healthcare this is exactly why the republican leader mitch mcconnell wanted a vote before members went home on the july four three says he wanted to avoid what appears to have happened which is members went home they got an earful of opposition from constituents about the medicaid cuts in the bill about twenty two million fewer where people having insurance and the fact that the bill includes almost exactly as much in tax cuts mostly for the rich as a dozen medicaid cuts so now mitch mcconnell is warning republicans he saying look if we do not pass this we will have no choice but.

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