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Ninety, four five. K. SRO Nine thirty five ks SRO good morning I'm, Pat Kerrigan glad you're here too on the live line with us this morning is John Powell he is a professor of law African American and ethnic studies at UC Berkeley, he also leads the. UC Berkeley Haas institute for a fair and inclusive society, good morning John running Pat happy to have you here and back with. Us this morning and I'm I'm hoping you can help educate me on whether the Taytay between Amoroso and President Trump has merit when, it comes to a discussion about race Well I think you know in terms. Of there's a larger pitcher because obviously President Trump has made a number of statements publicly about. Mexican about Muslim that, we don't have to sort of refer to the last contest back and back, and forth, she, worked in the. White House. And she had. A chance to have. Access to Trump in a special. Way so I think there's. Something there but I think it goes back to years when Trump was managing. His father's real estate choosing to rent to blacks although that case was never. He never, admitted that they paid in federal so Trump has had a long history that we don't, have to look at the latest example and deeper question is will it matter because Trump is said and done things when he's on election circuit Oh man about other, people In terms of, the makeup of? His administration will it matter Well I, don't think so I mean. He's very few people of color especially blacks and his administration Ben Carson being probably the most prominent one and, said very much We saw the. Thing what happened in Charlottesville which we are now looking at the One. Year anniversary that even upset some of these more core supporters I don't think it's going to. Change who's in his cabinet and I don't think so changes policies and? What do you make about what happened in Charlottesville over the weekend what happened in front of the White House in DC when a couple of dozen white supremacists showed up and were outnumbered An incredible magnitude of protesters for that rally yesterday Still. Reeling over issues poop long opposed really an, American does that, characters calculation extend beyond white Christians. Which clearly does but some people's cut. The nation I think it was a good thing if we're gonna have, demonstrated for counter-demonstrators could actually step forward and. Say we actually have a different vision of America that's why haven't, we have enough contacts. About what America should be what America will be America was one business. In America's Marsh for white. With a dominant role Christians dominant role another good no America is actually a country where everyone who acts here to some core values belong regardless, to whether problem what gender is our. Sex warranty who's a very different visions of, America and unfortunately it from my perspective right, now much of the administration in the White House Sides with very narrow vision of who, can belong to, America and you know I remember. During the Obama administration it me along. With so many millions have fathers and and such great hope for this, country and its divisions and I remember feeling. Particularly sad when there were so many issues of race that came, up during his administration. Well that that divide has been multiplied by a thousand it seems at. Least vocally speaking in terms. Of of black and white relations in the United States where do we go from here professor well two things I mean it's even a misnomer, to just talk about political divide because. I I sometimes say we're still fighting the, civil war and not clear who will win So if you think about the. Civil war if you think about? The? Founding, of this. Country was, concept of equality but it wasn't extended to the majority. Of Americans, wasn't extended to women yeah it wasn't a tomato Americans who wasn't extended to slave And so civil war, in part when Lincoln talk about her better angels Newport the freedom he. Talked, about a new birth of freedom all that was corrected And some people are saying no, we, don't want, America but black women are part of America. Muslim part of America And, so it's really in some, ways, I would think those, who actually embrace Lincoln's vision are the real from my perspective Not the people are not paying based on for positive, vision of America America that really is your nine and You know Do you think about the declaration of independence was self? Evident truths all men should be all people are created equal for people reject that notion, who believe, one race one gender is superior to. The other to, some extent they don't and embrace the bones, of America and that hasn't always, been that but the Bama, talked about we've been moving toward a more perfect union. Right now we've had, a cop but it's not just a divide between the left and right. Or conservative we see a lot of people who call themselves conservatives basically embrace that thing vision of. America, inclusiveness yeah but pumping what fundamental the net and we don't get. It right Not only is American trouble that I think whole world is in. Trouble, because we're seeing expresses of this for the Torah -tarian strongman exclusive Belong happening in India happening happening in Australia So it's not just an American phenomenon to. Some extent the changing demographics change in economy the globalization is creating exhausting. Zaidi, all around the world who people are yeah But. That's not going away I mean we're not going to go back in that regard you, know what some people might call simpler days that's just not going to happen so we're gonna, have to figure out collectively away to not just live with that. Fact but but, embrace. It to, the point where you know there, is overall success in this country, and we got a long way, to go from here to there you're exactly exactly right I mean the two predominant responses to anxiety the a global anxiety and I I started writing, about this, frankly when Obama was running for president even, before he was elected because there was already undercurrent alongside particularly coming from conservative, white Christians with emphasis on male nothing Arkansas not. All white innings wasn't exclusive to them but being Zaidi in in England about what is. Going to be England yourself unconsciously being Kristen country and Muslims are moving. In What does it mean, to be Indian when one of, the largest Muslim populations in the, world is an India so you're right the diversity the complexity the migration of the world would just happened since people were people it's part of human, nature to, move their tubers about one is that the, people who look different talk a little different you look for worship political that, they're not us that there are threat to us Yeah somehow not fully humor and we saw that most. Extreme expression in Germany with Jews the other the other story that we're a mixture of each other that we grow and. We benefit will be recognized complementary nature to other they were not just one thing Families if. You look at America right now Multi racial multi ethnic families exploding no and the. Thing that actually makes America great, is diversity when we turned back on that not only do we hurt those, people that. We call other hurt America economically politically them so I think they have to tell a story. About a diversity where we are both Pied in different at the same time and the teachers are not my future, your future. So those are the two dominant story one stories one kid would retreat to the path When things were simple. When one group dominated it never was simple never was that clean. Or can we embrace the future where we all belong well. I'm gonna go with what you. Said earlier. Professor at this point in time is merely a hiccup in American history I'm gonna let. That sit with me for a while. Today thank, you for for being here appreciate it Thanks for having me that is John Powell professor of law. African American and ethnic, studies at UC Berkeley it's nine forty four at k. SRO have you checked. Out the heroes of October on the website you have the opportunity there to nominate your, own communities heroes from last October we wanna see those nominations because we want to acknowledge the people who. Haven't been acknowledged jet who have done.

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