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Stories working on right now there's there's election news out there because you get South Carolina primary on Saturday followed quickly by super Tuesday were California in the restive good good portion the nation gonna vote on super Tuesday next Tuesday so we got stories about campaign trail people being out there you get van Jones van Jones was part of the Obama Biden administration sat there saying that's half gosh Bernie's just not doing it right just not doing it right we'll explain what he's talking about there corona virus corona virus corona virus yes we're talking about corona virus because everybody else is too I got that story to talk about because it's at the top of the news president had a big press conference yesterday to talk exactly about that kind of stuff and do you remember the Super Bowl Super Bowl fifty four member that big halftime show with J. lo and Shakira some people likened it to soft porn we'll tell you what's happening with that in regards to the FCC coming up in just a little bit meantime whether check headlines John Katie green police have arrested an Oakland woman who they say stole wallets and purses from elderly shoppers your listening to live in local headlines talk radio five sixty KSFO officers is say twenty seven year old Katrina thrash targeted shoppers at Menlo Park supermarkets but is also suspect that is also a suspect in similar thefts in Santa Clara Alameda and San Mateo counties thrash allegedly stole credit cards to you used to purchase gifts high end designer clothing and electronics and a man has died following an explosion in a Pittsburgh home man was found at home yesterday morning with burns over a large part of his body he was taken to UC Davis but died either on the way or at the Medical Center fire officials say the explosion was unusual but it's too early to tell if it was suspicious all right in your traffic this time is sponsored by our friends at award winning free banking from oxygen if you're traveling on eighty in the westbound direction the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on things are slow as you travel through the tolls also northbound eighty seven at northbound eighty five and Evelyn Avenue offramp we have a traffic collision here looks like no injuries involved with this one on south bound eight eighty eight Dakota road we have a big rig that have cheese we have a big rig gets we will fell off and it looks like right now it's pulled over to the right hand side doesn't know where the driver doesn't know where the wheel went through just keep an eye out and I'd southbound one of one of the ninety two connector we have a single orange traffic cone in the middle lane of the connector ramp so.

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