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Too soon there's a long way to go for dole another key Dinos of first it was Johnson all these things so wants to get a little Johnny Sorenson is enough play high school hockey was part in order to aim to France then they started back up golfers owners take provoca two shots off public over expected to get through Walker was between them right in front of the net when opportunity why we're still scoreless almost five minutes into the opening right the speed limit is going tough team defense you're talking about we're more goals might come from well I think that's a big possibility I think Brandon McManus is another one mac it's got the group to get either on the net we'll see I'll stop reading unfolds as a separation or all three of those around one one one nine so I think those would be the next three candidates to to provide some big office of Minnesota the coaching staff would like to see my friends get going yet fourteen goals last year to leave the goal for the goal scoring one four four three six Minnesota's all Kim and the younger as we said earlier the captain of the here's what cold it is circulated through the borders were as it relates to a point distilled water the first one coming through the middle.

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