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Sports at 15 and 45 powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red George is that you go ahead, John. Yeah, three 15 here in so George, Ron Rivera says he has no regrets about starting Carson Wentz. What do you expect him to say though? Well, yeah, what's he going to say, right? Is he going to say he was asked if he has any regrets knowing about the playoff situation? He's not going to get out there and say yes, I wish I had gone somewhere else. Of course not. That would be Carson's his guy. He is. Remember? So yeah. Well, a lot has gone wrong. And I went wrong yesterday and Carson Wentz did not perform well. And now, don't expect to see him to see the field on Sunday against Dallas, Ron Rivera refuses to has not told us who he's going to start next week. Probably hear it on Wednesday when the starting quarterback is set to talk to the media, but they do have a game to play One more against cowboys and mean something for Dallas because of the eagles lose to the Giants and Dallas could get a win and win the NFC east, so lots still to be determined. We'll find out game time, hopefully, this afternoon. Mike vrabel announces Josh Dobbs. We'll start for the Titans on Sunday in the against Jacksonville for the AFC AFC south title game. College football Bryce young, the Alabama quarterback, the 2021 Heisman Trophy winner is declaring for the NFL Draft right now, the cotton bowl in Dallas, 28, 21 USC leading it to lame, just in the just underway in the third quarter college basketball this afternoon. Marilyn women up three spots to 13 this week leading Rutgers 50 to 35 in the third on the men's side, holy cross was beating navy 74 63 and American leagues Loyola of Maryland 42 28 in the second half towards Wallace dumpy. Thank you, George, knew this afternoon. The man accused of attacking police with a machete near New York's Times Square on New Year's Eve is under arrest. 19 year old Trevor bickford faces attempted murder and attempted assault charges, bickford's in the hospital, police shot him in the shoulder during the confrontation. A law enforcement official tells The Associated Press investigators are looking into whether he was inspired by radical Islamic extremism, this attack happened about two hours before midnight Saturday, just outside the high security zone where revelers are screened for weapons. Police say two of the officers were struck with that machete before bickford was shot, both are expected to recover

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