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'course acknowledged allison janney while i'd 100 wasn't my favorite film of the year i can't deny her performance in margots performance in it so is thrilled to see her deliver a that speech a and it was just the gary oldman of course oldman who's like a living legend than i've i've grown up just admiring so much so and i was actually a big fan of darkest hour i know it's kind of like more of the tried and true oscar thing but it's a good movie it's a really well movie ed he's he's fantastic in it and then of course guillermo shape of water my gosh i mean just you know i've loved guillermo for years but like to see like every buddy embrace him like it's like i i guess i i mean i knew going into the season that he was beloved by the industry but it was clear once kind of the awards conversation started at all these precursor awards shows began that i was certainly not a wound that everybody feels the same way about guillermo and um you know as much for this film but as for his body of work and what he stands for in the industry he's just you know he's like a score says he he just he embodies film love he lives in breeze the stuff so to see that film and him in particular acknowledged i was totally cool with that so that's the oscars 2018 oscars put the bed onward an upward we'll see what's the come this year i have no predictions far too early but i'm excited to see what's to come um and and yet so anyway a fun fun oscar season i hope you guys have enjoyed a going along with me for that ride as four the episode today let's talk little zoe duaij so each who has been on the podcast before but for a very alltoobrief conversation i think it was two years ago at sundance and zoe is is great i mean i've known zoe for awhile primarily we got to know each other through a vampire academy when she she was in that that film that was hoping to start a franchise it obviously didn't come to pass but i don't know always just like a kindred spirit i really like her her her you know intelligence and vibe and self.

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