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Tries downloaded now. 23 year old army training from New Jersey's arrested after going AWOL from Fort Jackson and South Carolina with rifle and hijacking the school bus with 18 Elementary School Children on board, he told the driver to close the door and Dr Right, Right. Right. Okay. There you go. He told the driver. He didn't want to hurt anyone. And it turns out the rifle was not loaded, eventually told everyone to get off the bus. But then he had trouble driving it. Get out walking around. It was found and arrested by police. He's facing kidnapping, armed robbery and other charges. University of Texas football player is found dead His brother was just drafted by the NFL, please in Austin, finding a body just west of the University of Texas campus, later identified as Jake Ellenberger, redshirt sophomore linebacker of the Longhorns and younger brother of former Texas QB Sam Mellinger. Jake was seen on video celebrating with Sam. Just last week after he was taken by the Indianapolis Colts in the sixth round of the NFL draft. The brothers grew up Longhorns fans season ticket holders for the team before committing the football program. No Cause of death was released by Austin police, but the death is not considered suspicious. J calendar was just 20 years old Fat Napolitano, Fox News. High profile break up may not be his friendly is the press release makes it out to be Bill and Melinda Gates announced this week. What sounded like an amicable split, but there might be more to the break up than it seems. Sources tell TMZ, the Microsoft co founder and his wife decided months ago that they were getting divorced. One insider alleges there was a considerable amount of acrimony associated with the split. The news outlet claims virtually everyone in the family took Melinda Side and they were very angry at Bill despite saying goodbye to romance, the former couple intends to remain partners in charity working together at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Steve Rappaport, Fox News stock markets overseas or trading higher today ahead of the opening bell on Wall Street, the monthly jobs reports released by the Labor Department at 8:30 A.m. Eastern time. I'm Chris Foster boxing. Of this media networks. This is America's first news This'll morning with your host Gordon Deal. ST Cloud Standoff Good Morning. I'm Gordon Deal along with Jennifer Cash Enka on this Friday, may 7th pleasure with us. Here's what we have for you this hour. More than eight hour hostage crisis at a bank in Minnesota has ended with no injuries. The 35 year old suspect has been arrested. 1/6 grader with a gun at an Idaho middle school, is charged.

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