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W j news time eight thirty two. Well, as mentioned President Donald Trump, delivering his second state of the union speech tonight. Congressman Joe Cunningham and a democrat from South Carolina, hoping the president does reach across the aisle hearing what kind of tone the President Trump strikes end to end tonight's message. And it's one I think we're all waiting. Michigan Representative Brenda Lawrence speaking at a Democratic Women's working group event today on Capitol Hill, we will not stop fighting. We have no plans to stop. Now. We will fight against the forces that continue to hold women back all of the women in attendance will be wearing white and honor of the women's suffrage movement. That led to the ratification of the nineteenth amendment back in one thousand nine hundred twenty she wants every woman in America to know. She's got your back. Well, as the president is set to deliver his speech, and he won't will he or won't he declare nationally -mergency to get funding for his border wall, Oakland university political science professor, Dave Duilio, doesn't think. So I think you would have Democrats get up and walk out at that point. It would be a it would be in some regards chaos. So I think I think the way you'll see it as Trump will call for unity tonight. They will work for the next week or so to try to get a deal on border security. So we don't have a second government shutdown in twenty nineteen stay with w w j will carry that the address live beginning at nine o'clock and have reaction from either side of the aisle all night long on NewsRadio. Nine fifteen. Meantime to General Motors workers from plants that face closing will be at tonight's state of the union address. Gotta Goodwin die is president of the local at the Warren transmission plant, Dave green heads the local at Lordstown. Both our guests of the congressman from those districts, Democrats, anti Lebanon, Tim Ryan, this could be one of the rear bipartisan issues of the night as the president. And those representatives have all criticised GM for the plant closings GM says a closings are necessary, and the workers will be able to transfer to other plants Jeff Gilbert, w w j really go nine v day w w. Jay news time. Eight thirty five. How much have taxpayers spent supporting President Trump's travels to his mar-a-lago club? A new government report offering a glimpse the report compiled by the government accountability office at the request of congressional Democrats says taxpayers spent thirteen point six million dollars for the first four trips the president took tomorrow Lago in early twenty seventeen the report also looked at the cost of providing overseas security for the president's two adult sons taxpayers spent some four hundred thousand dollars for the protection of Eric and Donald Trump junior on their first three trips after their father took office CBS news White House. Correspondent Steven Portnoy. Meantime, the department of homeland security and Justice see there's no evidence. Foreign governments had a significant impact on the November twenty eighteen congressional midterms joint statement says there's no evidence of campaigns or electron voting machines were affected. This dispute statements from intelligence and law enforcement officials that. Foreign agents worst seeking to meddle in the two thousand eighteen midterms and some state and local governments reported attempts to access their networks prior to the voting in November last week. Intelligence. Officials warn the China and Russia are already targeting the twenty twenty presidential elections. CBS news correspondents, Alison keys reporting, an Alabama police officer who fatally shot a black man he mistook for a gunman will not face charges. Here's CBS news. Correspondent Jim Krasula. With more old EJ Bradford junior was shot three times twice in the back and killed by a Hoover, Alabama police officer responding to a shopping mall shooting last thanksgiving night. Bradford's father EJ senior is outraged. Alabama attorney general Steve Marshall has decided not to charge. The officer who mistook Bradford for the gunman. He up he Santa tax. Out with murdering Muslim. And after Bradford says police jump to conclusions. When they saw young African American man with a gun, Jim Chris cillizza Bs news, www news time, eight thirty six traffic and weather next. It was a goal that I.

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