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Mentioned the Colorado state patrol says a trooper hit by a car at Wadsworth and to eighty-five has moderate injuries. And he's expected to be released from the hospital tonight. That's good news. This happens as a second mistrial was declared in the case of a trooper hitting killed on the side of by twenty five and two thousand sixteen the family of state troop that state troopers is devastated truckdriver, Noah Gomez Ruiz's is accused of swerving into the. Shoulder by twenty-five. When trooper Cody Donohue was making a traffic stop near Toma road. What caused the second mistrial today district attorney? George Brock ler says the prosecution witness revealed information in his testimony that wasn't in his report. Does he accept blame? For the mistake. The extent that law enforcement failed to provide a piece of information that we didn't further. Explore discover and turnover to the defense, and we inquired about it in court. Yeah, I accept the responsibility for that Brock ler says the case will move forward. He expects the judge to set a new trial date next week. A sad update on the workplace shooting today in Illinois outside of Chicago Aurora police chief Christians Zemun says five people are dead and the gunman was killed in a shootout with responding officers. Police officers were transported to local hospitals. And from there were airlifted to Chicago area trauma centers six officers being treated for a knee injury. Mayor Richard Irwin says it's a sad day for his. City. Shame good mass shooting such as this have become commonplace in our country. It's the same that cold and heartless offender, we'd be so selfish. As to think he has the right to take an innocent lives. The shooter is a forty five year old man believed to have been an employee of the company. President Trump is declaring a national emergency at the US Mexican border. Trump says the US is confronting a national security crisis. He cited an invasion by the United States by of the United States by illegal immigrants and warned about the flow of illicit drugs along the southern border, an emergency declaration could allow the president to divert defense department funds to build the wall and Dirks. Bentley says he's coming back to Wayne Avesta with the seven peaks festival. Love this festival is my favorite thing.

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