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Four, five, zero, three, seven, three three, and with you tonight. It's Aria. CONAN's really. So. You're. GonNa here eighth hour, so governors several trump wants to by the way. We asked Conan to stay home for the first hour because we were expecting. To be in the studio, but turned out. That didn't work out. So how's concern? You didn't want me asking the questions like. Are you? A lizard. Judy, really work for what's up. Tell me more maybe if we have her back. You can ask her that weird stuff. As I mentioned out there, I only found out at like six o'clock that it was going to be zoom meeting thing at that point I didn't WanNa Change Your plans. Spur of the moment I figured. I'd probably GONNA. Be Busy Anyway, so. So governors I keep getting sidetracked. Trump wants to invoke the insurrection act team, which would supposedly allow him to put troops in the streets. Yes, and the the thing about posse comitatus. We're told is that you know the military? Yeah, the military isn't allowed to act as a police force in the United States. However, if trump says there's an insurrection, then he's allowed to do that right so basically. They can do anything they want to do as we saw during the COVID crackdown. States across the United States just completely destroyed the economy shutdown people's ability to make a living for themselves and. They shouldn't be able to do that, but they did it anyway. Handle wanted it, and the people are not only did they want it, but the everyone else's let him get away with it, and as far as military in the streets. Guess what? The majority according to this particular poll Breitbart Want it! And it only makes sense I mean look at all the people who want people stay at home. Want wearing masks one of Saints WanNa stay quarantine for another month or two, or wherever however many years what people who wanted the quarantine are the same ones out protesting now and the same ones who were protesting the quarantine are sitting home, shaming the protesters now and want military in the streets to combat the people there, the anti-tribal the people they're against the people out protesting the left. It's tribes fighting each other, and now they're back and forth there. They both want authoritarian rule over each other. they want. They both want to take each other's rights away from them because they think they know best. Yes, and they don't seem to have the self awareness to realize that if the other side loses their rights, then so do they marex like you? Can't you give a little? Give up a little bit, and you never get back the national guard out there marching in the streets now, but if the right to assembly protest had been as aggressive, is the word I would use as these. Protests. The Nation these rights throughout the nation in the national guard bit marching, then from what I'm told by the national. Guard is moved into Manchester New Hampshire for tonight. This is a candlelight vigil supposed to be a candlelight vigil, but there's been some buzz on social media, suggesting that violence may be happening during or after the vigil now whether that has anything to do with the people at the visual is a whole other question, because just because somebody says something on social media doesn't mean it's going to happen in real life, and they could very well be agents that worked for the government. Before trying. To Gin up conflict and destruction, because they want to have the excuse to come in and crack some heads. Keep Your eyes out for piles of bricks around Manchester. That's another room. We're told there's already at least one Palo breaks in Manchester La. Really from the the thirsty something take a pig. No, no, no, I've got a picture of it in Manchester in Manchester. Yes, and by the way that overwhelming. Thirsty. Moose is that it is that there's something I can't remember the animal that over overwhelming majority of folk who want military in the streets. They want National Guard. A smaller percentage. Want the actual military Their weekend warriors, they're they. They're not good military here. Running around with empty magazines and whatnot. They don't know what's up. that's not what I've heard rumor. Has it the national? Guard does not have empty magazines on this particular deployment. But. They have some sort of non lethal rounds in the in those magazines, but they do not have empty magazines. Neither do the people of New Hampshire. That's true, which is why I don't think that that's why. I don't think riots like we've seen in these other places are as likely to happen in Manch or maybe Manchester of new, Hampshire, maybe Never Sheila North Boston. But, but not around here not here, not not in Manchester Manchester at least judging by what happened on Saturday. I was at the black lives. Event on Saturday. It was entirely peaceful. There was there were two arrests, but it wasn't of anyone at the protest. What happened was apparently. There are a couple of douche bags in a truck that drove up or some kind of vehicle that drove up and like flashed a gun, and threatened like brandished a gun in a threatening manner at some of the protesters. I don't know what they said. I didn't read the details on the story, but they those two were arrested. So it was actually the police actually did their job in that particular case, and like you know when after somebody who was threatening violence. Yeah, the thing about New Hampshire is you just don't know which store owners have guns. That's it. Every Home Oh. Don't you see these memes about were coming for the recovering from suburbia next becoming free Here. Are All fabricated. That's people on the right. Who are trying to make no. Not Knowing. I was watching the Unicorn riot channel and they were talking about that Oh. Yeah, they're talking about doing it the protesters. Some of them were talking about what they don't realize, is he? And here's the other one. A. Pig Owners of course. We know if you've ever seen snatch. Don't mess with pig owners because those guys will eat you up. You have the movie the movie. Okay well. I'm yeah I'm talking about pigs consuming that thing leftovers well guess what chickens do to so. Don't come to my house really. Considering I can't shop at tractor supply anymore. Consume an entire body I have forty something chickens. Okay, they'll take care. You have to help them. A little bit. I gotTa Chop up a little bit on like.

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