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Should respect the victims and law enforcement in this case and be quiet the president tweets any short so Rourke indicates in the suite that he's going to do an event plan to confront the president and white supremacy there it is again well the president's you know scheduling is visit while he's there in el Paso and of course he's not welcome there according to some but not all the event organizers and I'm talking about not the president's el Paso was targeted for her epic shooting because we're welcoming a city that advocates a welcoming city the advocates of for immigrant families we were targeted for fighting against the humanization of our immigrant brothers and sisters for pushing back against the criminalization of our border and for denouncing president trump's attempt to paint our communities as something they're not he's not welcome in el Paso and they go on with the same old noise that you've heard over and over and over again he's already once he being excuse me and Rourke tried a whole computing rallies against the president this was in February but this relatively small rally was overwhelmed by music and noise from the president's gathering of supporters he tried to hold in the same vicinity which was stupid I I would rather imagine he's not gonna do that this time if he tries to pull off a competing event well the president's in el Paso we have a line that's already very strong trump said to reporters in February before that rally.

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