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For this pot i texted you and i was like chiefs. Defense so shrug so we can. Usual caveat applies which is that Ll nothing matters when you come home. But i do want to talk about the defense because you know it turns out if you take take every single offensive line away from patrick mahomes. Vulnerable got the offensive line and So this is the defense that has not given a bleep about stopping the run now for three years and it's working out fine for them thirty-first against last year. But you know it's it's it's d. at blitzes lot and is going. I mean is. I mentioned some question. Marks for the raiders front seven and the chargers front seven. Do this chiefs front. Seven has problems so okay. it's it's very holy isn't it madden holy with an e. Because we don't know what the hell's going on with erc so you've got you know. Chris jones did they. Did sign jarran reed. Isn't that weird thing that happened with seattle. That no understands what the hell happened there. So they've got interior pass rush locked down. I guess with read and then they've got derek at those. Christians might play outside a little bit more which is interesting. Because i don't know who else there is Tigra charlton charlton all the first round retreads. Like that's what they're just cycling through. It's like they're just gonna go. These guys is like oh you were a bus. Come over here. You are traded for us. It took a flyer at him. Like yeah come on over here. I know so. It's like i live in trying to find something to i. Think really that spags just be like right which gets the third down which is hope that it's third in four or longer and hold onto our hats until that point create a couple of turnovers in hopefully job outset twenty point lead that like okay all right then. They can't run the ball. Just just 'cause like just a game script. So i know the i know it's it's weird right it's weird. I know. I'm glad he text me. Because i was i was like i. Am i missing. Some of these guys like my guy that broke out that i remember turns out i mean they. They spent all the money on the offensive line which will get to and the dropping to so the they and then they drafted i said they. Don't give a bleep about the run. But they did draft linebacker. Nick bolton interesting. Pick this group. That has i would say i would describe it as much maligned. Although i actually think it's sort of been trending in the right direction And like i said so. So bolton From missouri was sort of like i feel like pro. Ready was of what he got tagged with a lot. But not like i would say like. He's like a high floor. Low ceiling kind of prospect. Is the way it's been characterized not someone you really want in coverage Which is fine but again it's like that is how they spent their first draft pick despite the they've got a lot of needs upfront and in the secondary. I would argue so you know tire. Matthew is one of the best safeties in the nfl but outside and then they hit on real. Jim with julius need fourth-round last year but outside of them. Yeah there is some question marks. I mean they need one thornhill. I think to return to form in particular say single most important player Outside of i guess frank clark. I don't know what he's up and down in his contract but one thornhill as a rookie. I really really liked what i saw at the end of the season from him and it was so great. Because if you could have him. When she's play band free back there. Matthew could roam around and do matthews things but coming back from injury. Thornhill was really up and down. And i think has been limiting for the chiefs because they don't have a star outside cornerback on the roster the yeah and that's what if you're gonna live in that specs world if i mean mike we we can save for the third time is that there's not a lot of trot by so you're going to have to blitz and that's what spags like to do anyways is that you're gonna be manned up a lot and so it's he. I mean of course helps to have a guy a corner with the fact that they take struggling to find the number two type and snead was great. Need was great as last year. Special amid around mid route rookie to actually be a tangible player as a rookie as rope And he was a good blitzer was a productive blitzer. So that's like okay. So spags has got another db that he can do stuff with. I use it like adjective verb just spags noun so But it's yeah but it's man they're fully leaned into the world of that and it's like they can get i know you. That was the caveat at the beginning. It's like they can get away with this kuzma home. They are but seriously for the next decade weird place where they can just do shit because he's like Have fifteen. I mean they can't. It's it's kind of messed at socks for other teams but it's gonna be hilarious. Sometimes that's news rosters if they just like field goals on two drives fine. If you know it's like jay received team spot leads like they did last year and just like and this is in their best best personnel. Could be putting out there. It's it's yeah gonna let let let let's talk about no because you know we are presuming that the offense is still going to be elite to the point where the defense just needs to be like top twenty for them to content which has been the case in recent years they have. The defense has not had had to be elite. They to make a few key stops. I think there are better than last year. But the offense like rebuilt the offensive line really like went all in right big trade am signing joe tuning best agent available..

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