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Thank you the big the big book a higher loyalty is coming out and james comey former fbi director fired by president trump while technically was rod rosenstein but fired by president trump and the scandal is unfolding i'm gonna tell you though go back and watch my video i've been re tweeted out from last summer where i called what president trump did to james comey very much like a mob boss just saying i was there saying that on the air at the time but joining me from the washington post the article today is three big takeaways from james comey's new book cowboys join joe joins me on the phone right now cal thanks for coming on the show thanks for having me and for the reading rainbow flashbacks i appreciate it serious alger there one of the best shows ever and i mean it really was a great show so dow speaking of reading yeah we scooped up before it officially on shelves on tuesday phil rucker my colleague did the heavy lifting of reading through most of it and wrote a pretty extensive report about it i yesterday afternoon and so i tried to distill it even further from three hundred and four pages down to just what i thought were three significant takeaways well let's let's get to that because i think this is important right i mean in any book there's going to be a lot of stuff that may or may not be really important so what are what are the big what are the big things that you've found.

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