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Bracelet winners this year. Crazy. And so many people added to their fourth or 5th career. Bracelets. So absolutely, definitely a year of the probe that part came true. Interestingly in the main event, as I was watching these flights, a good, it looks like 75% between 70 75% of entrance made at the day too. So now taking anything away from those names we just mentioned or any of our listeners who made it the day two or any minute of day two, but not as tough as you might have thought. Yeah. Get farther down. But good for everybody that still live in. Pretty phenomenal. And really the only big name that I saw and I'm sure there are other ones, but the only one noted that is out as Danny de grone who got booted in the level two, I think. So there's always rough for these pros. Obviously, right? Because you can't go fire another bullet. Exactly. You're a World Series are done, and you got to wait for next year. So that's always very difficult. So but most of it looks like what's the big names moved on now? And of course, how am I doing his show up at dinner break? He played two hours and ran a 60 K starting back up to 93 moved on. So good day at the office for him. Short date of the opportunity. One of remarkable last half of the World Series for Josh Ari too. I mean, wow. You know, they call them Atlanta Josh and it's just it's phenomenal how well he's playing and it's like a, I don't know, just like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, because you haven't heard anything from this guy in a decade. Now all of a sudden, boom, he's just going crazy and so did you happen to catch wind of the player of the year stuff? Who do you know? I did not check that out, so. I'm very curious because like you said there's these three guys who have a first and a second. Rea's got all this stuff going on now. Two bracelets and other caches and another final table and he made the main event day two as did, you know, Phil helmuth and stuff. So I'm just very curious to see who has to do what to win it, you know, or whatever. Yeah, I wonder what are the. Player of the year? Oh, here it is. All right, hold on. All right. I'll fill the dead air while you're looking it up here. Josh REA is in first now. Yep. With 3110.91 points. So how many 7? Holy cow. Yeah. Anthony Zeno is a third and a Jake Schwartz who I'm assuming he must have won an event. I don't remember talking about it on the show..

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