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Never got around to talking to that particular family members. Say i want you to be much steers. Here's white support days attorney. See my my brother. Michael is going to be the trust. And he doesn't even know about so shipped to really be smart about this. But here's the the people making. I'll get back to the generational piece for a second. We often get pushback from families saying well. I'm not rich enough to have trust. You don't wanna go through all the complexity steps. Well if you live by the rule of seventy two and you've heard that before he have to and we go through our audits would families we actually show them a forty fifty year growth pattern on their assets. See might not be worth a lot today hearing your forties and you live a normal life expectancy and you're supposed to die at age eighty five if you look at the age of eighty five. What's your net worth. That's when the documents going to be kicked in gear so it's not today could be today. You could die prematurely. That the odds of that happening or very very low compared. You're living in normal healthy life..

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