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Play nine seventy WFL way. Richard C hoping with us tonight on grounds. During richard. I alluded to earlier, and I wanted to kind of bring it up again, it's called the new horizons. Wasn't project? Horizon something that was put together by. Wernher von Braun. That was the army. Okay, back right after World War Two with who. Is that? Big. Bill disclosure Colonel Trudeau was his boss. Oh, he was down here in Roswell. He wrote a book. He was one of the progenitor of this project horizon, which was a US army corps of engineers plan to build a moon base with rockets to basically keep the Soviet Union day during the height of the Cold War, and they never funded it. So they want an outpost is what they wanted. Yeah. But well never funded it, maybe. Well, I mean, are we are we like looking for this space superiority, and eventually maybe an outpost because I know that the the the secret is is that we are right now working with the Bigelow, aerospace and other groups that have these inflatable space stations that they can just bring up inflate them. We have them ready to go for the moon. We have ready to go for Mars, and you realize all this Chinese stuff and all that that's only the window dressing on the program. We're supposed to see there's a secret space program behind the scenes funded by God knows how many hundreds of billions which got real anti gravity et cetera et cetera, which is the real space program. So what we're seeing is merely air coverage of bring the populations of earth into the fold now. 'cause it's time for disclosure disclosure began the evening in the predawn hours here in New Mexico of January one thirty three minutes after the ball dropped. In Times Square. It's amazing. How it all comes together? And once again. It's a plan. It's amazing. We're getting to look at it and do cat scans. And they're finally going to start telling us the truth. So so I believe that twenty I don't believe that. I do not believe that disclosure is going to happen. The way people think it's going to happen in the middle of it. You're in the middle of it. By trump. So okay. So this is what you think disclosure is this is what you because I believe that it was confirmation that the Pentagon was looking at the threat assessment with the UFO's, and it made the New York Times that's get people not to all of the New York Times freak out. You answer. Is you don't tell them the fishery don't freak out you show them the data? You let them through social media come to it. Which means you have to wait long enough. Jeff technology for social media hint. Hint. Well, and you let them soak. So they come to it on their own time. Well, let's say the Houston chronicle is kind of the Houston Chronicle's kind of leaning towards how you're thinking, Richard. It says it's kind of odd that what is usually a bluish white Hugh typically associated with these snowy hand sculptured structures. That's what they said. Sculpture hand sculptured. That's what they said. It looks like they look like hand sculptured structures. Ultimate Guli has a red cast. It's a much different object than scientists working on. Nasa arises mission picture, just thirty six hours ago. Zoom past the rock. They thought it looked like a bowling pin? Now, it's beginning to come into view. And it looks a lot different than they suspected. This was this is from the chronicle. I think it just came. Well, again, that's between the lines hand sculpted. Give me a blankety blank break. Yeah. This is. By the way, the major segment of the press has to be on remember operation, Mockingbird infiltrating, all the press and all that. Right. You don't think they're writing this copy to get people close to thinking outside the box. Okay. I'm here we go from Houston. Chronicle naphtha thought ultimate throughly was a singular object. But new data is showing that it's not a singular object. It is to objects that have inexplicably become stuck together. They contact binary. They call it like seventy seven have you ever seen have you ever seen the Soyuz spacecraft? Yes. Ever seen the design? What's it? Look like, it looks like this juice fears together. Well, yeah, it's called the contact binary. And this is what it is. It's a contact binary. They said it's two objects not one object. Okay. Was a contact binary. Imagine for a moment, we're dealing with real asteroids real real big rocks, like ten miles in diameter. Right. Right. Made of heavy stuff made of rock.

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