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I feel still betrayed by a principal. I felt betrayed by principle that if you hit a bully he will stop picking on you. It was a principal the way that the planets revolve around the sun, it's a principal the way that that gravity says if you throw something up it will come down. It's a principal. You hit a bully. He stops picking on you. But it wasn't working that way. What I had to realize was that Mary wasn't a bully. He was a racist. He was a racist bully. And other measures to be taken. And I was just tired of it. I have fed up. So me, and my friend got together who had also been one of Maria's victims. We got together with set of do this. And what we did was that we went to a stationery store. And while my friend kept the clerk, busy, I went to where the magazines were. And I knew exactly what John Reid wanna easy to find. And I took the magazine that I knew was a magazine I want it. And I put it inside my pants, and I put my shirt back down. I went to my friend and said you ready? Let's go. All right. Let's go you're to buy anything. Okay. Let's go. The magazine I stole was called blue boy and blue boy is like a men's porn magazine for men. It's got all these naked men. And what we did was we got a six months ascriptin, and we went broke. So we saved them. We pulling..

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