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Good evening I'm Chris. Price with the briefing from the Telegraph bringing you up to speed. In two minutes is Wednesday February. The fifth and British passengers have revealed. Their ordeal being quarantined on corona virus. Cruise ship it was six thirty in the morning. When the voice of the captain came over the speakers of the luxury redeemed princess. The message told all passengers to head to their cabins immediately and said they should remain there for fourteen days. The ruling came from from the Japanese health authorities after fourteen passengers on the cruise ship. Tested Positive Corona virus is left three thousand seven hundred people on lockdown in the Japanese port of Yokohama. Nicholas Smith has an interview with two British holidaymakers on board. Since then another cruise ship has been docked in Hong Kong S. passengers on board attested and it comes the scientists in UK. Think they've made a significant breakthrough in the race to develop a vaccine. Francesca Marshall. Well has the details. You may have heard former black rod. David Leakey this morning expressing his views on a potential peerage for John Berko but but his disapproval claiming the former speaker would at times fly into a rage has sparked a controversy involving demand. Abbott Labour's shadow home secretary tweeted. It was unlikely unlikely. Mr Leakey would have been bullied by Mr Berko. Why she said it's because he served in the Military Danielle Sheridan details what. MP's think of her comments and if you're planning to do anything outdoors this weekend you might want to think again. The Met Office is warning. Britain will be battered by winds of up to eighty miles per hour from storm. Kira forecasters revising people to keep their mobile phones charged because the windy weather could bring down. Power Lines Jimmy. Johnson has everything you need to now right. Stay put if you're listening on. What apple send you those links. Now if you're listening on spotify apple or wherever you get your podcast you'll find them in the show notes as well as links is to stunning pictures of the wreckage of a plane crash in Istanbul. Where amazingly there have been no fatalities and with Donald Trump set to be acquitted in his impeachment trial? This evening. Read how how. American politics has become increasingly polarized. That sits you up to date more from Danny tomorrow morning..

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