Donald Trump, Nlrb, Department Of Justice discussed on Labor Press' Blue Collar Buzz


To the supreme court in this very place saying that the nlrb s position should be upheld but since the change in administration of donald trump the department of justice flipped and putting new briefs this at our priorities for all wrong now we disagree with the nlrb and we support the employers position which is that essentially the employer should be able to force individuals to these private rooms to fight the operational by themselves and as basically attacking a way of of lock in the courthouse doors to people working people have given them their day in court hearing did not avi lim their day in court but preventing them from levelling the playing field in in disputes with the employer employers are powerful there wealthy that can hire the best lawyers individuals can can equal the playing field only in many cases only if the ban neither and fight the employer to uh uh uh because if the employees can bring class actions are class arbitration they can induce very good lawyers i incentive vice them to take the cases now if if it's only individuals fighting the cooperation the individual can't afford the lawyers in the lawyers can't afford to take the cases because they'll be out of business because they won't be able to make any money off of individual cases where the amount in controversy is a few hundred dollars or a few thousand so the only way to level the playing field is to latin employee's band together with concerted activity which historically has included by definition class actions our number he's a little bit here because of what what this translates to in dollar figures because the way this was solved when i when i read about this and the favorite it was so play dow like oh well the average uh you know the average is just you'd only comes to about eighty nine dollars you know per citizen so it's not really a big deal with that's.

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