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We can't guarantee you were starting spot and you might end up playing as we saw last year from alex. Ochre for thirty percents of the snaps. That might be what you end up getting depending on. What are other guys. Show us this year. Especially with chris jones at defense event. Or you're hearing from the steelers. Yo we lost but debris this offseason and we looked around and we realized. Hey it's late july and all we got's dj water defense event. You're going to be playing seventy percents of the snaps. You good with that where you going. you know. it's the same money either place. Both of them are going to be good teams. Although varying degrees of good chiefs championship considered steeler should be solid. I think you're gonna probably at this. End of your career with melvin. Ingram may be got one more chance to get a decent contract after the season and become back and play well in our healthy. You're going to the steelers. So i think this is one of those situations where it was less about. The chiefs were willing to offer and this is just speculation in more about what the player wanted and my guess is the player decided. Hey it makes more sense for me to go start in pittsburgh than it does for me to go be potentially a timeshare piece in kansas city. Melvin ingram one shoe boy. I i wanna play. I wanna play the chargers twice a year. Like i wanna get back at them twice a year an like if that if that scenario was painted in the chiefs are saying. How many snap. So you'd think in the chiefs probably would say what you said to forty forty percent of the snap at the to me. That's a mistake by the cheese. Like like even but you're also somebody. That doesn't like the idea of putting chris jones on the outside and i think this is kinda hinted till i don't but i but but even with that i still still from what we've had conversations about me chris. Jones is just going to be even. If he's just gonna primarily be out there you were thinking. Still in. Run like in pass rushing downs. New thought he would still get kicked in and they put their best guys out which that could be more than forty percents of the snaps to me. Like i feel like melvin rooms. Looking at at this. Melvin snow foo i think melvin. I think he wants to put together to get paid too. But i think he also knows if i'm on a big stage at a plane for team that's gotta cheats. That also helps me. And i get to play. This whole team thinks done multiple times a year. That helps me but at the chiefs are putting themselves in a position. Where melvin ingram man. You we get your thirty. Forty percents of the snaps. Where you didn't really want. Melvin ingram and and and that's problematic to me too because you start rolling out names like mike danna things in at taco charlton. Those are still nervous. No nervous guys for me for a championship team. That's gonna roll with. That potentially could have frank clark out for it. But the chiefs under spags have traditionally rotated a lot of guys out throughout a game. Like there's not very many defenders on that side of the ball for them under him. Who are legitimately playing like ninety. Five to one hundred percent of the snaps outside of like tired and matthew in chris jones in some circumstances like they rotate a lot of those guys in and out of the games and with ingram. I don't necessarily look at it like it's a money thing like i don't think the chiefs for necessarily trying to be cheap and like offering him two million dollars when the chiefs offered four million and they were like okay. Well we'll just take alex okafor for one point five or whatever the deal winds up being. I legitimately think that it's just spags. Really interested in bringing in the guy that already knows his system. He's he really likes the athletic profile of alex. Okafor alex okafor's bid on the field. They like what they got out of him. He's just struggled to stay on the field and they think if he can stay healthy. Oh we can get a lot more out of him than we've gotten out of him so far just because he's had some injury issue so i think that has a lot more to do with it then the dollar amount because yeah four million dollars. It's like if that was all it was. Melvin we'll give you five complaint for us and help us win a ring. Nbk if that's the point. That as i said to start this this is the you better be right tour. He better be right into thinking that we know him he. It's our system and that's the better move because to me. It's who is the guy. I think melvin ingram could fit the system if it what he wants to do and you better be right. Maybe i listen. I could be dead wrong. I've got no problems. Admitting alex okafor could be better at thirty years old right now than ingram at thirty two. It'd be be ready to go. And maybe ingram's note show notes sex five tackle for laws. Last year is where he is right. Now and alex okafor is a better player than him. Right now is just convince. Convinced me right now that that's the case and like i said they'd better be right about if it's assisted. I think that's all fair. What you're saying is fair. i. I think it's more comparable probably between the two players than what where you're at with these guys and i also think a lot of this shows i think the chiefs have a lot of the christians gonna work at defensive end. I think that's part of this..

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