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She changed she rescheduled now set to drop August twenty eighth I was night that we heard I'm going to keep this fight going into the next leading things off with a new cut from the trial stay tuned KCRW Hey are you looking for another way to support case here W. well look no further than your car your boat motorcycle or RV you don't junket you just donated to support the news music and culture you love good case here W. dot com slash cars and and its case here W. my name is Travis Holcombe dropping a little mellow acid trip here from cash the song is called Huna before this was the dead stock thirty threes with the golden barge rex the dog versus DJ house on Adams forming a molecule with double sided single on soft computing at the top of the set was Latrell getting remixed by Alex Alice ivy and universal theory we've got about eighteen minutes left we're gonna switch over to a collective twenty four at eleven o'clock where you'll hear classic oasis in new Fiona apple French electro sounds of les Gordons she got a lawyer from Japan's camel power club and much more once again that's starting at eleven o'clock at the conclusion of this program which means we got one more set left to delete it off my man clear pulled him out of Australia remixed by ground this lava plus we hear from H. B. O. B. keep it locked right here KCRW.

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