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Wyoming's Liz Cheney, who stands by that decision, and much like the first go around conviction is unlikely, given the number of GOP senators who have already voted they believe the trial is unconstitutional. BABY sees Andrew Dember reporting The majority of Americans surveyed in a new poll want the former president to be convicted. And ABC News. It's This poll shows that 56% of Americans think that former President Trump should be convicted and barred from ever holding public office again. 43% say he should not pharmaceutical company and Angle would is working on a promising treatment for covert 19 patients. K Away News Radio's Chuck Clark is live with that story. April and P. O Pharmaceuticals has been working on an inhaler for severely ill covert patients. CEO Michael Macaluso says am PM were enters the lungs and relieves pressure, making the patient breathe these here giving them and hospitals so much needed relief. It doesn't attack the virus. It just attacks inflammatory response that causes people to suffer from breathing loss and a number of other serious conditions, and PL plans to increase the number of patients and their child of 140, But it is already shown some promising results. MP also hopes their research can help us learn more about the corona viruses well as other respiratory illnesses. Chuck Clark K Away NewsRadio, a good chunk of our state is now under level yellow restrictions for covert 19, which means restaurants and other businesses were able to increase capacity to 50%. The manager. It's Tony's Bar and grill downtown, says It's welcome news. They're very happy to be able to dine inside, and we're excited to get some increased capacity and get the energy on vibes going that we're so used to having. Get those fives going. Stoney's is keeping its limited 10 people per table, and customers are asked to wear their masks. If they leave the table. Students at C U Boulder begin moving back to the residence halls today. This is not the year any of these students expected, but now 4700 of them are able to move back in on campus, bringing just a glimpse of hope. After a tough year for most college students, I think a lot of The best in exciting thing about college is the experience rather than like actual school. Students like Julia revolved, just trying to navigate the first year of college during the middle of a pandemic and learning virtually We just don't have a spring break. They didn't want us to leave and come back. So to keep us there, they had this way a little bit in the beginning, and now we're coming in February, and just a few days she'll be back in her dorm where she left all her stuff in November. I am so excited what students will have to follow Covad safety rules. Wasn't at least now I can have a couple more friends and spend time with people and e think that'll be a lot more helpful, especially with my roommate not coming back up. This muster revolves fall semester dorm mate Shelby Chris having to make a hard choice to spend all that money to be up there to just be stuck in one room with paying for her tuition herself, Chris says. It's better for her to just wait it out at her parents For a few more months. It was all about financials just because it was Not making sense for me to not have a job up there because no, I was hiring. See you students. Even though the girls won't be able to see each other every day like they did last semester, I know was a smarter decision, but I still am upset. They're both looking forward to the fall, and they hope other buffs are, too. I think our generation has been pretty resilient. There's like a light of the end of the tunnel. Students will have to wear face masks any time that they were inside the building. Now those designated in person classes in hybrid classes or expected to start February 15th this Fox Ones. Courtney from reporting. Quarterback Tom Brady now has seven Super Bowl rings more than any single NFL team. Brady led the Tampa Bay Bucks to a 31 9 win over the defending champion. Kansas City Chiefs last night in Tampa, right picture all special It's been amazing year amazing here. We stopped a good start 72 and that had a little rough stretch. Just really proud of all the guys were new airplane, a great football team, and we got the job done, and he may be 43. But he says he's coming back next season. No surprise there. No, none at all. He's got the momentum. He's well. He's got a great team around. I mean, he's got a solid defense weapons on offense. And if he could stay relatively upright and healthy, then why wouldn't you? It's like Peyton Manning for those two Super Bowls. Yeah, so come on back well, and I say this time can still throw Pretty good ball. You know, Peyton's arm kind of towards the end wasn't the same. But John and Tom Brady still has pretty much his skills, not his diminished right. It just goes to show when you look at him over Patrick Mahomes experience over youth and flash, right, some of it and then you an offensive line that I think was certain. Kansas City little bit as well. 7 37 here on Colorado's Morning news. We check that drive.

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