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On third down, he's gonna fake the handoff again and waltz in once more second touchdown for Clemson looks very much like their first a fake off the tee and Trevor Lord Miss Watson untouched. It's 13 to nothing. Tigers. With 2 31 of the first quarter. Clark Trevor Laurence is going to end up with so many rushing touchdowns this year because of the impact of Travis seats again because they just gave him the football two times previous, so the entire defense is bearing down on him, making sure that one of the best running backs in the country doesn't just run straight up the gut for a touchdown. And you're right, just like the first drive. Instead, this time it goes to the left. He pulls it out for the touchdown. Extra point by Potter is up and good. Last year, Lawrence had nine rushing touchdowns. He has to In the 1st 13 minutes of this season of the Tigers have a 14 to nothing lead. And Clemson, who obviously has been so dominant, they won 22 straight against a CC opponents say 1 11 straight against the Wake Forest Demon Deacons. This is where your weight force your Sandman and be nice to have a home crowd here behind us. But it's almost like a neutral site, especially one Mari Rogers dropped that pass, and it brought up that third long situation. Maybe that's the time that the crowd rises up a little bit. Makes it difficult for Lawrence to kind of communicate a little bit at the line of scrimmage. Now you have to kind of say that with a little bit of great assault. This is a 31,500 capacity stadium. Clemson used to playing in what 85 90,000 at home. So noise, Not really a big deal that will sweep came out this week, said. I don't care if they pump in music. They could turn it up. It's good for us. They want that They strive in that type of environment, but you're right. It's definitely going to take away some home field advantage. But it's gonna happen for Clemson when they play at home this year, too. Absolutely. Splatter kicks us went away another deep kick. He's got that strong leg. This one completely goes out of the back of the end zone. Wait course will come out of the 25 yard line here, trailing 14 to nothing. Time to see what Sam Hartman the quarterback could do. You touched on it earlier, Derek, But remember their starting quarterback was Jane Jamie Newman, and they thought he was going to be again this year. He transferred Georgia that eventually opted out altogether. But Sam Hartmann did start nine games is a fresh, correct, So he's got some game time experience, and now they feel like he's a much more stronger, durable quarterback there, saying that when he was starting as a freshman, he was about 30 or £40 lesson is always much stronger. He's got the ability to break tackles. Now I think it's it. It's not like he's gonna get hurt immediately. Here. He's looking to throw and ducks it takes off and he's got maybe a yard yet. 26 40 sandwiched between KJ, Henry and Mike Joe's so second night, a say, apartment just to four so far passing in this game. You know, he's probably thinking, you know,.

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