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Jim Crockett's of the world Bill watts of the world that had television shows locally in their area. They sold all that the talent never saw dime the. The merchandise it was sold. The promoters kept all of that talents on none of that. If I feel like you're doing like the what aboutism thing right now where you're saying, okay, this. Yeah. Well, listen, I'm not arguing the guys are making. I mean, we, we started this section of the show by saying, I know so many people there who have done so much better financially this year compared to years prior. I mean, I get it, I understand, but I do think that pivoting to well, it used to be shady like this to, you know, what I'm saying is, is that you know since nineteen Eighty-four WWE guys got royalty merchandises they didn't get that at mid south. They didn't get that Vern ganja and Crockett, and those guys were selling images of them for years and the talent never saw any of that. They would sell the TV shows four years in guys never got anything of that nor for the most part, did they have any contracts that even said one way or the other that the wrestler would release their image? So the businesses changed so much in a short. Time and it's will continue to change. I'm sure. Let's talk a little bit about the way you used to look. We're talking about the way things used to be well, does he use to have more hair than you do now? Is your hairline slowly starting to move backwards? Got any ball spots yet. Well, now thanks.

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