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And today in New York City is the national tree lighting where they light the tree at Rockefeller Center. Oh, that's a big thing. So it's gridlock. Alert day in New York. Meaning if you ain't got to be in New York City, get the hell out of New York City midtown Times Square area. They're gonna be shutting blocks down. There's gonna be a lot of traffic the tunnels. The bridge is gonna be crazy. So if you ain't got to be in the city, or if you could take mass transit not driving. Day to day in the city on the yesterday. I did I take on ESPN drop include Martha I take me back through the back on the Kobe show last night in a in a hosting capacities. Kobe show. It was great. That's my future. And then our preparing for preparing to go to Africa Africa, mom, what does your hands? Berg Johannesburg, South Africa. Put a global citizens global citizens fest. When you just say Africa. South Africa, Johannesburg Johannesburg Africa. Now specific to Harrisburg. But I'll be in Johannesburg for the global citizens festival. Yeah. So you haven't been to Africa south. Ever in. I'll be hosting for iheart. Iheartradio. I'll be broadcast the nail on a Sunday live from global citizen festival. JD's performing Yonge edge, sharing our guy casper Neo vest. Pronounce his name, right. Yeah. Yes. Is a long flight about what seventeen hours eighteen hours? Fourteen sixteen x sixteen seventeen fourteen. Fourteen because it was a direct played. This is the replay to I think it's directly to you. Komo news. I can't be getting off the plane from mazing mazing place. So just give yourself a lot of extra time because you're gonna wanna see everything you want to see you wanna go.

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