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Very very the people from Providence from Bristol House. Okay well maybe I'm Amoah attitude. Mike you're GONNA listen to this for Mike Pence. Where's that we're driving through the fans? Perfect Stroger I. I know my husband will be an ice fishing. I'M A I'M A. I'm not going fishing because fishing. Okay I don't I don't do that. I am going to a SPA. Spa The name of the shows the Kirkman not the DD show okay. So we could change that. Okay so sweetheart. Okay keep fighting the good girl to show so I was so I was. I was a fenway. Park yesterday a periscope. Okay thank you very much so I was dancing around doing my thing Knowing me is that something you think I'd WanNa react to the next day on my own show. How are Ya know you know everybody else will react to it? Nobody's saying Oh oh boy. So what I'm saying is do you think I'd want to react to my own sound and sort of play some of it and have some fun with it. Why don't you ask the producer my show Steve Robinson Didi how much Saudi Saudi DD? The floor is yours. I know you're not afraid questions. So Big Steve How much how much time you got from yesterday? We don't have any of it I'm shocked fucking idiot right right. Well he's probably seen that video as many times topgun. ooh I like TV star. What do you think we should do? Is Steve After transgressions lengths. Snowing here so just knowing there. It's not no well so naked. Running in the snow is out Maybe you could I don't know he could bob for apples when he's ice fishing. So I mean you understand my so. I came in here in a great moon. That did this yesterday. The Red Sox earth faces shit. I wanted to celebrate today in Steve Company. You understand why I'm now in a bad mood. Oh Yeah I've heard the show. How fucking stupid is the is the my raw reacting year like this? No I don't believe believe you around in reacting like that all right. Well we'll see so you're not going to be a matter WASCO. No I get to go to a hotel spa or the weekend in repayment for him going for the weekend. All right well. We'll talk to you soon. I'm sure all right goodbye. Thank you dating yes indeedy anyway. No place for that to that John Sterling. I understand no place for jokes that all right you gotta get on the MIC in the minivan. So she's good attitude reach out. Yes message on twitter bed. Yeah baby like like that all right. Good keep going and state.

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