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The presence of muhammad ali is still felt very strongly across the city even though he moved away long ago this is where it all began for early this is where he was born in nineteen forty two and we're heading across to is old home today i'm waiting for a taxi outside my hotel which is situated where else but on muhammad ali boulevard i think he's steve my taxi driver getting pretty impatient so let's head across only stay heading across to muhammad ali's old how do you know where it is right there thirty three oh two grand avenue is is in in the a row part of the city but it's still a nice little place you know muhammad ali back then he was known as cashes clay what was the place like back then you know he was born in in nineteen forty two but you know i'm talking about the sixties when he began his professional career sort of place was this west end of town then awful it was rough it was it was rough in specially for the blacks in louisville because you know doing them era blacks have very little rights had very little silla ratio might say and and when he's up there he learned to fight with the mighty stolis bicycle and during that time period it was a lot of restrictions on blacks could hardly drink from the same water fountain as white counterparts got better delayed on doing years but he went through a struggle that self you know he went into the lympics and won the gold medal and when he came back he was still prejudice against so at shows you how much move or thought of blacks era and it was a struggle for him but he maintained he maintained his prestigious dignity and he's still represents louisville we have a street named after him and i think that says a lot how how civil rights has come a long way and i think he brought a lot of changes of self just boxing you know just about maintaining his dignity and being strong enough to state his case i guess that's right he was very opinionated he was straightforward he shot straight from the hip whatever issues there was if you knew about east spoke about it and he didn't know punches excuse the pun but you didn't pull no punches you know and and i've mar him for that.

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