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Or is. It a grieving for it. Just it's all over. He gets his football fix without having actually win or lose games on the weekends, which you know, that that's what ages us when you kill yourself. And it doesn't go your way. And in the fact that he can be around football people. And and you know as much as he's good at being a talking head on ESPN. But yeah, he he speaks to the Kremlin audience. Look, he's hey, you're making three different teams to Super Bowl. Yeah. I mean, I'm not, you know, again, Tommy Friedman, and I between us we have three. Well, we'll pull you wit three times three different teams. That's a big deal. I he enjoys the media stuff. He really loves the radio. He does he does Sirius satellite out of his house. And then he broadcast the games. Freeze penny loves the radio broadcast. But I know that, you know, this has been exciting for him, and it gives them football fix and what we hope it works out tone. Just a preview. At Georgia at Michigan at Stanford. We got sort of interesting. Temper twenty-first early in the season. That's gonna be. Makes the schedule ranked eight or eight or nine basically right in the top ten but at Georgia at Michigan San Francisco. Hey, man, we got spring practice on March first Georgetown at Bucknell. This year. We come back with Email and a jingle. I'm Tony Kornheiser. You'll listening to the Tony Kornheiser show. It's being to university's own Chris almond are only champion professional whistling nice long try and become professional whistlers. He took it all the way list of professionals who have covered me. Diane graves who'd in the blowfish. Now, Chris OMON pretty good. Yeah. Let me thank Michael wilpon for coming on the show today. Let me thank today sponsor Sheri's, berries, simply safe twenty three and me remember to listen and subscribe to new an archived episodes. Tony Kornheiser show where every listen to podcasts including apple podcasts..

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