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Enough of it, you know, I never liked to play in the doom and gloom. But you know, it was so bad on the west coast of Florida last year that I'm hoping that, you know, we don't get any return of that too. No hurt the fishery anymore. This year. For sure you guys need a break from that. The stuff that happened. Last year was added straffing proportions. You know, and. Impressed that a lot of the groups have kinda rallied together. Yeah. Hopefully, some of that red pied recovery stuff that CCA's doing with all the red fish being released and smoke. Yup. Kathy. And I donated twenty thousand dollars to buy as many snuck as we could to help you guys with your snook recovery. Nice. So, you know, and that's one thing. That's how people can help. If they live outside of that air, you know, Mike, we we we have catastrophic events like hurricanes to whole country runs to everybody's aid where that hurricane was affected. But when it comes to fishing, it's not quite treated the same. And hopefully, people have a better understanding. Seconds to tourism people going to DisneyWorld fishing. The number one economic driver of the state of Florida through a lot of people. Sure. Sure. Well, nobody nobody does you guys were here. I'd make him coffee and cheese egg along. We could get there quick. You know, Rick. I I wanna commend you for all that you do for CCA in all that you and your family do for again for the state of Florida just the fishery in general with your with a great programs and all that what what air times you got coming up in April. Do you know what the showtimes, are you, bud? Yeah. We'll be on Thursdays. Primetime. If there's not a ball game on we'll be on it seven to eight thirty. I repeat every Thursday night at ten thirty to twelve o'clock. And then it airs again on Friday twice eleven thirty in the morning, and then a three thirty in the afternoon and then Saturday morning at nine thirty all of that on Fox Sports, son. I so appreciate you guys calling me this morning, and let me talk about this show and all the cool stuff that we do in the state of Florida. I appreciate very much. You do a great job, Mike. Thanks, brother. Well, you've been a very good friend of mine ever since I got in this business. And you know, you got a bunch of my friends on that excellent show that you do there with Jeffrey page and Ron Houston and the Hague AMAN here. And I just think you do a great job leading this fishing industry here in Florida and keep up the good work, my friend. We'll stay in touch for sure have a great morning. Enjoy the Bahamas. Well from one bald head. We'll do. What nickname? Delicious. Thanks for calling good. My brother down there. Good stuff right there cap. Rick Murphy, Florida insider fishing reports sportsman's adventures, again, a very very good friend of the real animals for many many years now. So phone lines are open Hillsborough nine nine zero penelas four six one they both ended nine three five to let him up. We'll be back..

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