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In the red, what are the numbers, Jeff? That was down 60 points. A couple of popular D.C. Mexican restaurants have a new idea. I'm Jeff label Sports at 15 and 45 powered by maximus. Moving people and innovation forward. Three 45 George Wallace and the frenzy begins. It does, yeah, in Arizona as the both teams have arrived for the Super Bowl next week eagles and the chiefs have their welcome parties practices and then meet the media as well as they get set for the big game coming up on Sunday from Arizona and the focus of the world be on Glendale this week in the NFL as well. Tom Brady says he will not start his fox duties until the 2024 season. He's going to get a ten year $375 million deal to commentate on the game that he just retired from, but it won't start until next year. Did you see this over the weekend that sand claiming to be from the spot where Tom Brady filmed his retirement video is bidding on eBay for nearly a $100,000? Come on. Did you see that? I actually, I did see that. I couldn't believe under one of the bids. I didn't know that. If I don't get it, I will perish, George. All my life. I've wanted sand that Tom Brady has stood upon. I figured that's why I figured that was your name under there. So there you go. That's the Tom Brady. It just gets better and better. I don't know. Wizards home tonight after two straight losses, games in which they blew a 22 point lead in each game. They welcomed the Cavs tonight, first of three straight at home. College basketball women's poll this week, Maryland, the one in one last week they stayed at number 8 on the men's side perdue, despite a loss to Indiana stays at one, followed by Houston, Alabama, Arizona, Texas, Virginia, at 8 George Wallace debut sports. All righty, thank you, George, the Super Bowl isn't the only fun event happening this month. Mark, your calendars with our February entertainment guide. Know that we'll still have each other get ready for Rihanna at the Super Bowl halftime show. Sza hits Capital One arena, rizza plays Howard theater. She don't even know. I can make your hands clap. Fits in the tantrums hit 9 30 club, Joshua bell performs a Kennedy Center Macy gray plays the birch man. Take it from my hand

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