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Know behind the scenes just a different guy good guy from what she is seen as opposed to a lot of the stuff that sometimes you see out there in the press drop on the tensor tenser reading a cooling products John Hill accident scene downtown seventy west just before the seventy one south exit looks at medics had been requested early on but canceled looks like police have it off to the left hand side as you're passing the Front Street bridge I come across town to give that a little extra time on seventy west we still have an accident blocking the left lane of seventy one north at Weber they moved it to the right just recently okay if some better news here seventy one north and whatever they're still blocking lanes to get some debris picked up so careful of you moving north at a downtown you gonna get stopped right about seventeenth Avenue south battle slow down as well an accident scene working near the Muskingum Fairfield County line the intersection of thirteen and two oh four near foreign veil will be blocked off several EMS vehicles on seeing this one now in fact we've had reports three transports the Mount Carmel east here in Columbus traffic sponsored by indeed dot com as a hiring manager you need to quickly find the best candidates for your open positions tools from indeed like skills tests twelve candidates really show what they can do to help you save so much time to take the scenic route home bush next job and be dot com slash higher today traffic and weather every ten minutes on the tens from temp star starters heating and cooling in the next update at eight thirty I'm John Hill news radio six ten W. T. what's the weather ABC six meteorologist Andrew but Michael Landrut how wars are gonna get that I will get to thirty three today than woman a more tomorrow forty for the high and then as we head into the weekend woman.

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