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Heat yesterday on Fox News. The beast was furious. At what she said, when she was talking to a comedian about the state of America right now. We're laughing, but we're only laughing because we'd be crying otherwise. I mean, it's unbelievable. The breakdown of civilization that we're witnessing in this city and others where this is normal and the poor workers just like it happens every day. The guy probably used to get upset about it, but now he's like, I just don't care. I mean, what am I supposed to do? Martha, you could use a good steak. Big glass of wine with it. Yeah, a free one. Just go rob the store because they're not going to prosecute you. Maybe they'd prosecute you, Martha. Now, let's look at the other side, back to the trucker convoy, which might be coming here. Now there are reports, the truckers are considering clogging up the streets of Los Angeles during the Super Bowl. Of course, there's a perhaps promise of coming eventually to Washington, D.C.? Listen to Geraldo Rivera, guy on the left, Fox News star, listen to his tirade about the Canadian freedom convoy. One man's freedom is at other man's oppression. Their behavior has been nothing short of thuggish in Ottawa. They kept people in the neighborhood awake all night, revving their engines, blowing their horns. They've deprived Ottawa businesses of tens of millions of dollars. Now they're blockading the international bridges. They are laying off people, cutting their ships short and automotive assembly plants because they can't get the parts from Canada to the United States. They used their crowbars to threaten cops who were going to tow their trucks away that were blocking. They've told tow truck drivers that they'll remember them when this is all over. A clear intimidation tactic. To give them the mantle of freedom fighters is absolutely appallingly naive. I spoke into my friends in Canada. They verify what I've said. New York Times has just reported me it's 30 minutes ago. The Globe and Mail that Toronto paper, this is for real. And now it's spreading to other far right groups in other countries and even to this country, I think Martha, I understand the frustration about masks and all the rest of it. But to give these folks a pass is, I think, very destructive. Very destructive, says lefty Geraldo Rivera on Fox News. Again, again, I say lefty, not because I'm trying to attack him, this is the ideological split in America. And I don't know about you. But if it's a choice between having freedom to live our lives, the way we choose or having the government do it for us, I'm with the former, not the latter. Welcome in it's Thursday. We're in the relief factor dot com studios are numbers 806 5 5 mic. I think an important question is if this trucker convoy takes hold in the United States, are you prepared to put up with the pain that Americans could suffer and we would? Listen, Canadians, they don't like that trucker convoy up there. Believe me the left is going to go nuts, the people like Geraldo are already setting it up. They're already teeing it up. They'll be calling those truckers insurrectionists within minutes. They'll be trying to arrest them, shut them down, but she sometimes the American people can't be stopped. Sometimes we can't be silenced. Are you willing to put up with the aggravation, the inconvenience? The pain that America could suffer? If the trucker convoy takes hold in America, our numbers one 806 5 5 mic. What side are you on? I'm looking for one caller. Who can tell me that Geraldo is right that these are thugs that these are violent cretans who are protesting the onerous restrictive, tyrannical mandates, the loss of freedom up in Canada. One 806 5 5 mic. 806 5 5 6 four 5 three join us. We live stream the Mike Gallagher show on rumble dot com and Salem news channel dot com. Don't miss Mike's facial expressions, and all the video clips you hear during the show, on Salem news channel dot com and rumble.

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