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Our law with Anne Jacobson. We'll take your calls as we talk about. Our work surprise kill vanish the secret history of CIA pure military, armies operators in essence at his website is her name linked up at coast to coast, AM dot com. And what about the possibility of other countries like Russia, like China doing the same thing where these assassins are everywhere are they doing it to me? I mean, look no further than Russia. My goodness have everyone famous big cases usually with poisons Vanco. And of course, recently the Paul attack. So Russia leads the world in Athens, and they have a long history of doing this. I tell the story going back to nineteen fifty that. I thought was super interesting, and I chose threaded in the narrative because one of their assassins defected to the United States. So we learned an extraordinary amount. Mount about the Russian programs from that on that defector interesting. I had a guest on last night. Chris Newby who was talking about our work bitten about Lyme disease and how it's biological warfare. But she was very complimentary about you any. That's heart. Do you know her? But I can't wait to I can't wait to read her book. I know about her book because I believe if I'm not mistaken, she was able to get some really cool new information on the Nasi scientists involved in the program. Absolutely. So this program continues. What do you think the reaction is from the CIA to your book? You know, George, I think that. See I is aware of what people tell journalists. I mean, I'm being pretty candidate here. But I'm also being speculative. Do you think they welcome it, or do you think they go crazy? I am. And I'm I'm guessing here, but it's late at night. And we're talking I have a feeling that there is a. There is information that they want out they want all of it out. I don't know. But I think that if you look at the other end of the spectrum the stuff that that that must not be known isn't now have you ever been approached? I have not, but have you ever been approached by someone in government in some clandestine operation who said Anne, we need to leak this out. The we can't do it in conventional media ways put it in a book or do this or do that has that ever happened to you know? I'm often accused of that, you know, I've had people at my book signing stand up and say, you're. Really? Did they disrupt you? Oh, my goodness mine. I love book signing that reason. They're wonderful. They're lively events. But because I've written about such controversial things as Nazis area, fifty one and psychic. I mean, my book signings are populated by people who take stuff seriously, the people who take it way too seriously. If that makes any sense, you know, get it off it, you know, the other end of the spectrum. An extraordinary amount of foia. Right. Freedom of information act. Sure. I, you know, whatever every branch of government NSA Pentagon. You know, see I all of them and the ones that come back from the Pentagon always have a feeling of extrordinary amounts of bureaucracy attached to them, right? And the ones that come from the CIA have a feeling of there's a human behind, and they're they're getting things done without a bureau bureaucratic, you know, disruption, and yes, and someone wants said to me this, and it kind of it was very spooky. They said Anne, do you ever wonder why the C I releases certain bits of information to you? And that made me question on your on your question to major which is like that made me wonder why why is it the I letting me know somethings? Like, for example, you know, my books are nominee was was about psychics. A lot of guys who've been on your show. Programs super interesting, I filed a foia. Usually, my foyer come back from the CIA, or let's say ten twenty thirty pages long, if I'm lucky right thousand pages. Well, what for example, any made? Billy Wong talk to you. Why didn't he simply say I'm sorry. I can't say anything, you know, what I tried to get Billy water talk to me for several years and always had. No. And then he said, wait a minute. Are you the lady who wrote area fifty one? And I said, yes, I am. And he said, oh, I love that book. I'll be happy to talk to you. In Florida, and I did on his own. Do you think he had to get clearance? I don't think. So. I mean, I okay, I write in the buck once CIA always a CIA. I actually say that he retired at eighty two or maybe not because I went with Billy WADA, Cuba. Okay. So one of the things we did was visit the some of some of the people that fascinating. So we went to when we went Billy while, and I traveled to Vietnam and sat there with general Giap son and his and his nineties for the book the book, I write about it in the end of the book, right? Always stick myself in the very end of the book. So you see, I'm a human resources are human. This is real stuff. Right. But the other place we went was meant to Cuba. Why? Well, CIA kill Checa Vara. I mean, I interview Felix Rodriguez. He was in charge of the program. We didn't kill him like gun to the head the Bolivia in Rangers did that. But they were trained by the I A and Felix Rodriguez was there when that happened at he talked about him I book so we went to. Cuba, as a guest of you're not gonna believe it or Nesta Guevara cheese. Wow. How old is he? Now, he might fifty one and Billy and our Nesto and a couple of other guys we were with when I told you about halo jumping jumping out of a parachute. And pulling the cord with. That's what they did. And I thought to myself on that on that quote, unquote. Visit I thought is some kind of mission, and I really had to wonder, and I write more about it in the book. I don't wanna give it away. But it really made you think, you know, because we were doing things, you know, scuba diving and jumping out of airplanes are called infiltration and XL trae shin techniques, and that's what we were doing. And I thought what's really going on here? Interesting. Let's go to the phones Christians with us in San Pedro, California to get things started. Hello Christian Georgian. He anti I- heavier book, the one you did on upper ration- paper clip. I was wondering have you. Are you familiar with in, of course in all of? Stones film JFK actor Donald Sutherland played him. He was known as you know, men acts than men actually a life is L Fletcher Prouty l Fletcher Prouty came out with two books. I was the secret team in nineteen seventy three. And then he followed that up. I'm teen years later after JFK came out his second book was JFK the CIA Vietnam. Plus was John Kennedy? I'm leading the secret team right now any you really if you if you're not so million with you should become familiar with Fleischer. Pouty? You can, you know, watch him on YouTube, and in some of his discussions that he's he's giving lectures. And also I highly recommend you read the book, especially the secret team. And my my opinion about the whole CIA is look I'm sure that a lot of good people like the FBI, very patriotic. And they're doing their duty. But. You know, because of a lot of screw ups and CIA's past is never very questionable, especially the bay of pigs fiasco, you know, failure to you know, nine eleven to connect the dots. You know? Yeah. I let me let me just ended. This. I think that is husband former president Harry Truman who created the CIA and signed the CIA into insistence with an signing of a national security action. Memorandum and nineteen forty seven. After J facination in a newspaper article in December of sixty three. He he really hit a lot of second thoughts about creating the second the CIA thing. What what what did I sign into what what did I create by the stroke of a pin, a hydra an organization, it's it's gone beyond. It's it's it's constitutional limits. But anyway, like, I said, you understand your own further knowledge and research, l Fletcher Prouty, and you called the secret team in I highly recommend that you look into him in his background and keep anymore books. Okay. Thank you so much. Are you familiar with that guys work at all Fletcher, actually, quote him in surprise, kill vanish, some very interesting things to say about what happened before JFK was assassinated? There's an incredible moment in history. Where JFK was so furious with the bay of pigs because it embarrassed him, I one that was underway. With is. Our Nixon that administration. Yes, they planned it. But they didn't stop it. It happens. It embarrasses him. And he's so furious with the CIA that he flipped the paramilitary capacity, which belong to the CIA before then flipped it over to the Pentagon, and he gave them thority. And that's why Vietnam started as a paramilitary operation. But instead of the CIA doing it was the defense department, and they had an extraordinary amount of resources behind them. You know, we talked earlier about how small to CIA how they use a small footprint. Well, the the depend and that and I write in the book about the strawberry impact that Adam the Vietnam war didn't Kennedy though, also failed to provide air support in the bay of pigs. Yes, he did. But he was caught between a rock and a hard place because. Castro made a brilliant move by having his one of his diplomats call up the United Nations and say the US is attacking us, which we were and it put Kennedy and his position he couldn't then those who couldn't support them. No, he was stuck. And he was very, and it's very interesting because I report letter I found in the national archives where chega Vara personally, thank JFK for the bay of pigs. He says to him and I'm paraphrasing. You turned us from a country. Nobody knew about to. World state what happened between shea and Castro. They had some kind of fallout than they at the end. They did have a falling out. And it's very interesting in the book because well, first of all, the we wanna see I wanna J dead was because he was pro nuclear war. He wanted nuclear weapons to be involved in that, you know, that makes made him very dangerous way too close to Florida. And but he he spoke publicly about that. But what happened between Castro and chase that began to realize were things that he was very wise about and, but he was also extraordinarily violent and militaristic and had no problem killing people with his own hands. You know, anyone who betrayed him? He killed I right about that. Yep. That was it. He was serious about that. But he started to speak out against the Russians against Moscow saying these guys are full of you know, what you know, these guys are just as bad as the Americans. They're just a big corrupt machine are. Biggest problem was we got into bed with with with Batista. Yeah. And you know, this guy was involved with the mob. I mean, all the gambling casinos and stuff. He was skimming. He was he was out of touch with the Cuban people. But so the revolution. I think was understandable to get Batista out. But then they got they turned even worse. I mean, that's where I think yours that expression comes from. He's a bad guy. But he's our bad guys -actly exactly next up dictators over and over and over again, let's go to dick in Kalamazoo Michigan. Hello deco head, sir. Hi, I love you tonight. Thank you. It's a lot of stuff that I studied. And I know about great talking about the picks..

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