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With every family member. You don't want to leave a child whether they have a disability or not on dirk for right if you have a child and you start thinking about you know what if i get a carson. I don't come home was gonna take care of my kids k. I think there's a movie called life as we know it. And oh yes and the the parents died and they left this couple that they thought they would go would fit well together. They left their daughter a with this couple and they left it on the will. And that's why it's important applying because you wanna make sure that your kids are taken care of whether they have a disability or not now because they have a disability. There's a little more of a heightened level of the need to take care of these affairs reason being is because they're more dependent on you and also they receive certain public benefits that you don't want them to lose if you don't leave things. In order example. Have a house. Both parents pass away on a date night to you know it's coming home in a car accident. God forbid that house. Even though it's not paid off it goes into probate. Somebody has to petition the court for a probate and then the kids would receive whatever's left on the equity in the house so let's say after paying off debts and expenses and funeral expenses and after paying taxes on the house and bills There's a hundred thousand dollars left right if there's one child with a disability and one child with not with no disability. Then you know both of them were going to get fifty fifty. I'm not too concerned with the child that doesn't have the disability. But i am concerned on the child that does have the disability. Because if there's no special needs trust than the fifty thousand dollars go straight to that child. They would lose all public benefits. They'd have to spend that money and then reapply but we all know that assign medicare doesn't cover life living expenses too much right so you wanna make sure that you you have them covered by having a special needs. Trust done so that. Ssi and make can touch special needs just because it's a third parties money. It's mom and dad's money. It's not that jobs money right at medico. catch it. So what happens is they continue to receive. Ssi medical as an example. And they still have the fifty thousand. That may be accumulating interest. And then they can use that. You know if a sibling wants to take them to hawaiian and medicare lobbies is not gonna cover a hawaii trip right. What do they do. They take a thousand dollars off the special needs. Trust count and they take them to hawaii it just it just fulfills. They're living it up laments. They're living educational expenses. That so that's why it's important applying. You don't wanna leave them hanging case especially when were kids especially minors especially adults and kids with disabilities locust. Important lebanese gazon Tony was monotonous..

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