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Hopeful Working with some amazing people who have been very very helpful and we did everything they could. But but i think it is a bit lace now I think sit department is overwhelmed. I don't know if they have a plan to get these people out. currently the evacuation in my From what i hear is over. I don't think evacuations are happening anymore. So to the best of your knowledge. There's nobody working on getting your twenty loved ones out anymore. Well there's one lady erica. Who was introduced to me by julie. She is working on it. But but all of our efforts is dependent on on negotiation between the us government on the taliban to see if they allowed allow these planes to take off out right now. From what i know it has. That's a difficult thing to do. So but they're trying but don't think the us has huffman there so when you don't have footprint and you don't have leverage you cannot rely on taliban's mercy to to tell you whether you can or can't flyway and and just so i understand the pitcher With the four million or so people who live in kabul as you said many of them have one connection or another or have a family member who had a connection or another to the us. The taliban have said publicly. They're they're going to give all those people amnesty but you don't believe it. No i do not i do. Not as i said they just before they enter kabul. The massacre hundred people in the border town can't har- there right now. Doing a massacre in panjshir province which last stronghold they're killing people and there are coming out of people who are surrendering their shooting them so in taleban that are two or three droops there is there are the moderates who have been in negotiating. And there're The hotlines are liners. Who are previsous. they you know. Killing his is not a problem for them. They have been killing people in suicide bombs for last twenty years. So they're acting but as soon as you the the national society the countries of europe. Us on others than recognize them and they are sure that you know that's not going to there's i am certain They would they would come back to their old policies because right now. They're hoping to be recognized of they're hoping to be held The money be unfrozen. That's why they're acting but they haven't changed their ideology. they're not. They don't believe that these people should walk around because all of them helped the us in one way or another and so we've heard the taliban say things like You know women are going to be safe in afghanistan. And they'll continue to be able to go to school and and live lives that they had been living For the last twenty years it sounds like you don't believe that either again. I am really hopeful that that some level.

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