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Tax and estate planning. As a fee only fiduciary partner annex wealth dot com Click the Get Started button WTMJ Fleet Farm Storm team, Other coverage. Now the thunderstorm warnings have expanded. So we have severe thunderstorm warnings now for Ozaki, Fonda lack Washington Dodge and Sheboygan counties these run until noon. So the storm moving about 70 MPH is heading east. Of course. Now it's hitting the Madison area, too, And it's kind of judging. Diagonal there north into the east to the Sheboygan area, passing through the Fonda lack area. We're getting reports of ping pong, ball sized hail and some 60 mile per hour wind gusts, which can do some damage there. So be mindful of that severe thunderstorm warnings in effect now for Ozaki, Fonda lack Washington Dodge in Cheboygan counties until noon as we continue to watch this storm as it rolls through now, things once this all blows through in several hours from now, hopefully quicker than that. It will be clear tonight. Raising cooler alone 58 for Wednesday Partly cloudy. Slight chance for rain Thursday Sunny a high of 74 Friday sunny and warm high of 80 even warmer on Saturday. Right now. In Madison. It is 74 degrees. Green Bay 63 Walk a shell 79 in Milwaukee. 82 degrees. I'm Eric Bill Stead, Citing unlimited wtmj news time 11 09, the biggest issues, the biggest stories, the biggest forum for talking about what matters on the biggest stick a mistake.

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