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Albums of all time Amy Winehouse back to black October of two thousand six to black it's Amy Winehouse's second and final studio album the album's content was based in a relationship with an ex boyfriend and future husband the album sound is described as influenced by nineteen sixties girl group pop and soul with contemporary art be in new York's all critics love the album song writing and Winehouse's performance as well as the production do one thing to protect the environment here's the Jonas brothers with their one thing one thing that my family is doing at home to make our world more sustainable in our household is trying to move to a bottle with water situation at the house good we just added water filtration system so we can just continue not basis plastic bottles go work for them it all starts with just one thing buying tips and more one thing you ask dot com what's your one thing this nineteen seventy four codes you're having My Baby originally the song was meant to be a solo effort but turned into a duet with a relatively unknown coach who happen to be in the studio at the time the song was successful and well I guess it was a love song it was highly criticized for its perceived sexist undertones as such as appeared on various worst songs list even one I guess some special rewards women's groups of warning him the male chauvinist pig of the year tell you what in this day and age it's hard to find somebody broadcasting from the city where you are but we are Tommy Tucker every weekday morning between six and ten you can find me here at the corner pointers and magazine talking about all the local issues all of the national issues what's happening in the world and what's really cool is that I get to do it with you local live lively conversation we want to hear what you think every weekday morning six till ten AM right here on W. W. L..

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