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Journal injury was just 48 hours before he crashed a stolen truck right here. And went through up and then shot two people, and we want to warn you that the passages are disturbing. One of them reads. Racism is healthy and natural and holding it in is bad for you. District Attorney Rachel Rollins released several expert excerpts from suspect Nathan Allens journals and some of the comments are too graphic to share. Winthrop Police chief Terrorist Delahanty says the writings don't represent the town quote. These are disgusting, despicable comments. Police are looking for a suspect. After a shooting last night in Maldon, a victim was found on arch Street. His wounds are believed to be non life threatening. Police say the shooting happened when an argument between two men escalated and family members got involved. The suspected shooter, drove away from the scene and crashed his car on the Maldon Medford line. The search is ongoing. Police didn't say the name of the sun. Respect or the victim. This is the second shooting in Maldon. Within a few days. Erin Fitzgibbon was murdered Over the weekend, Police arrested 30 year old Brian Butler, and he has been charged. Last night's covid numbers. The Health Department confirmed 61 new cases, along with three deaths. The seven day positivity rate is still under half a percent. 85 people are hospitalized around the world. More than four million people have now died in this pandemic, and Lindstrand is with the WH show and says Covid 19 is still a global crisis. Low income countries There is like 70 times less than administer doses per 100 population in low income countries. It's one perhaps 100. While it's it's about about 8400 in high income countries, it's a catastrophe. Numbers from Johns Hopkins show. The global death toll passed the milestone yesterday about 606,000 Americans lost their lives. It's 10 03 time for traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Take it away. All right, good. And Thursday morning there, Madison. Let's start it off over in Wall fan 1 28 southbound officials head now to a possible car fire after Winter Street in that wall FAM stretch, so we'll see how that turns out. 4 95 North Bong. Going to clear the car fire that we had. And the delays just before Ward Hill in behavioral heading into downtown Boston, 93 southbound still little sluggish on that lower deck. Once you get on the second bridge, you're looking pretty good in the O Neill Tunnel lever down ramp slow getting down to stare. Oh, Dr Tobin is now a nice ride coming in from Chelsea. South of town. The expressway north Beyond slowdowns from DuPont Sit on up through Columbia Road after you clear that you're looking good up to the tunnel South bounds in pretty good shape all the way down to the Braintree split Route three South found over two miles back up here approaching the left lane crash. After exit 20. That's route three and that ducks very stretch should be out of the way shortly. If you're down on the Cape route, 60 Spark crash should be in the clearing stages after Route 1 34 here in Dennis, right at that lane dropped their westbound is jammed as well from route 1 37 at Harwich all the way over to 1 34 in Dennis. Kevin Brennan. WB's ease traffic on.

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