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Not to let vulnerable defenseless, newborn die. It's not anti abortion. It's anti murder opponents say attempted abortions rarely result in a live birth. And if one does. Doctors are bound by professional ethics to care for the baby. Democratic governor Tony Everts has vowed to veto, the Bill for NPR news. I'm laurel white in Madison, Ireland's prime minister had planned to use his meeting with President Trump Wednesday to highlight concerns over Britain's exit from the European Union Trump expressed confidence that there will be an agreement to keep the Irish border with Britain's Northern Ireland open after Brexit. The president who's a brisket supporter. Praises Ireland as an important US ally trip, Israeli about great relationships that we have with UK, and I really wanted to do this stop in Ireland. It was very important may because of the relationship I have with the people and with your premise, Trump plans to visit Normandy, France on Thursday, for ceremonies marking the seventy fifth anniversary of d day Wall Street. Stocks closed higher and trading led by gains in healthcare, and technology shares. The Dow Jones industrials rose two hundred seven points. This is NPR news. News. The Trump administration will no longer allow research using human fetal tissue at the national institutes of health policy does not affect government funded projects at universities, but those involving fetal tissue will require shnell oversight. It's a major victory for anti-abortion activists, many scientists say the decision threatens research, that's led to medical advances including vaccines for rubella and rabies and drugs to treat HIV, then marks left wing, political block now appears poised to oust the ruling right wing government from power Cecil over guard reports on the outcome of Denmark's parliamentary election. Then Mark social Democrats won a plurality as expected. But they'll need the support of their allies further to the left to form functional government. There is some disagreement within that block which makes the final outcome of the election uncertain until negotiations can take place among other things. The smaller parties are demanding that the social Democrats softened their stance on immigration, which is. Taken a hard turn to the right. It's a strategy that has those succeeded in winning back many voters who jumped ship in the last election for the anti immigrant, Danish People's Party that party. Meanwhile, has seen support fall by more than half for NPR news. I'm sizzle over guard in Denmark, Fiat Chrysler is pulled out of an offer to merge with French automaker. Renault saying Francis political climate would prevent the deal from becoming a success. The surprise move followed a six hour board meeting at Renault headquarters. The combined company would have produced some eight point seven million vehicles each year, I'm Shay Stevens NPR news in Washington..

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